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Archons are a very interesting faction to play. They were inspired by the Romans in many ways. Their look and feel, buildings, names and everything about them. They are one of my favorite races in the game, as playing them can be very rewarding, but not easy. Some of their units are very powerful, if used in the right way. They have great support units and great damage dealers. Some of their units can be a bit squishy, but they make up for it thanks to some very interesting abilities. Some of these abilities are available only to Archons.

A militia is a starting unit for the Archons. As usual, they are slow, weak and die in a hit or two. What makes them interesting is the holy attack they have. This is the only thing that can give them an ability to strike damage to more powerful enemies.

Legionaries are interesting. They are not that powerful, at first glance, but they have a throw spear skill that makes them interesting. This gives them the ability to threaten even powerful enemies, as well as various flying enemies that would eat them alive. It is a one of skill, but if they are in mass, it can prove useful. Their stats are nothing special, but they can go toe to toe with units of the same tier.

Archer, is an archer. There is nothing special about them, their only trait that makes them different is holy protection. Keep them up on the walls and they will protect your cities, just do not expect them to do wonders.

Paladins are where Archons start becoming very interesting. They are a cavalry unit that has all of the standard abilities other cavalry units have. What makes them very different are all of their special skills they possess. True seeing allows them to see concealed and invisible enemies. A holy strike gives them more damage when they hit. Magic mount gives their horses resistance to being taken over or influenced in any way. Holy champion makes them deadly against evil enemies. With the UP1.5 they even have heal skill, enabling them to heal your own units. This all makes paladins some of the most useful units of the tier they are in.

Avenger is not ver fast, not very strong, but they are useful. Thanks to their melee and ranged abilities, they can work as an offensive and defensive unit. Great against evil enemies, or those who do not have any sort of magic resistance or high resistance stat.

Pegasus rider is the first flyer of the Archons and the only real flyer for the faction. The can be damage dealers, but do not expect them to be powerful, or to kill knights for example. They are great as scouts and to pick off weak enemies, attacking from unexpected places, as a very fast flying unit. Holy damage gives them some punch, but not much.

The charioteer is not as powerful as some other units of the same class and tier, but they make up for that in different ways. They have a ranged arrow attack, that can keep enemies at a distance. As well as making it so they will want to target charioteer as soon as possible. Considering that they can attack even flying enemies. When the enemy comes close, charioteer can still fight, they are not weak. They have a charge and can do holy damage. Just consider them more of a support damage dealer, then straight forward one.

Saint is a unique unit. It is a support unit, that can fight, but not very good. It does possess some combat abilities, like a holy strike, but that is not where its main use lies. Saint can resurrect your units! Something only wizard's spell can do. This is an amazing ability that can keep you heroes and powerful units alive much more than you might expect. They can also heal which is also a great skill. Saints float, avoiding obstacles, but they do not fly. They also have true seeing.

Titan is the ultimate unit for the Archons. They are one of their more simpler units. Titans are big, strong, tough and they do not have any special skills, except round attack, that gives them the ability to strike everyone surrounding them. This is a useful skill, but nothing special. Titans are one of the most powerful units in the game, with only some dragons and Shadow Demon Lords being above them. Not much can stand in the way of an army of this Giants.

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