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I am a big fan of Tower Defense games and my favorite is the Kingdom Rush series on the iPad. There are currently four Kingdom Rush games if you want to check them out.

I noticed there is a new Kingdom Rush themed board game coming out and it looks awesome!.

I'm not going to breakdown everything as it would just end up being a copy of their fantastic Kickstarter page. I will show some of the cool features of the game in terms of quality.

One of the things I really love is how great the pieces look. There are miniatures that look exactly like they did in the game.

The base game includes four heroes and the stretch goals add two additional heroes.

The game isn't cheap, $59 USD + shipping and $79 USD + shipping if you want the limited edition version (yes please!).

The limited edition is a much more polished version of the game and in my opinion well worth the extra $20.


The King Edition is so impressive you can't even see it without zooming.

There is an addon that includes a new hero and the behemoth J.T. enemy. I can't imagine not getting this add-on but now you are looking at $100 for the game and it doesn't even come out until 2020.

Shipping isn't cheap either, which puts this game in the luxury category. It's still a lot cheaper than Gloom Haven, one of the most popular board games, but it certainly does a lot of damage to your wallet.

I am seriously considering this Kickstarter, but the cost is really demanding and the fact it doesn't come out for another year. I absolutely love the look of the game but to get everything I'd be looking as much as $125 and wait a year for it. That's a tough pill to swallow.

If you want to check out the game in action, there are a few videos about it:

All images are from the Kickstarter page

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Thanks so much for the suggestion @themarkymark, I'll make a review of the new KR:Vengeance after I'll play some more games there.
Veteran for the win ✌️

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I'm a big fan of tower defense games too(BTD is my favorite). Kingdom rush is fun. Might have to check out this to see how board games for something I like is.


BTD is fun, you can multiplayer too but it just gets boring fast. There really isn't a lot of depth to it. I love the unique missions with Kingdom Rush games and I just found out they released another in November.

I think i have this on my phone...

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