New version of Revulsion is now live!

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This patch includes a host of changes and updates. It also includes an entire section of the game that is called "Open World" which is the first design flow for the game from when it was originally designed. This is about 5 hours of content that is now added in addition to the current missions.

The entire game engine has been updated to the latest version of the Unreal 4.
The original version of Revulsion will be accessible again. This is how the game was originally designed. Once upon a time it was a open world game and flowed a lot more like Dark Souls. You can actually play through the old version of the game in its entirety if you want to check it out. You can still play all of the missions as well.
All ammo types have a slow auto-regen effect.
All monsters provide experience points even when they are super low level.
Action Points regeneration has been increased while gaining experience points.
A large number of Monsters and game play assets have had at least a basic level of optimizations applied to them. This will be a process where I just keep optimizing things over a long period of time.

If you want an interesting challenge, attempt to complete the open world version of the game while in deprived mode which is the games super hardest difficulty. ill be watching today to see if any new bugs show up.

This is a completely new version of the game engine and I touched nearly every asset in the game. There are bound to be some issues! Ill do what I can to fix them as they pop up this week.