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The month of February is looking really nice for a lot of us console gamers! With a good number of great games coming out, there are two I am specifically excited for: Anthem and Jump Force! For me, I have been keeping up to date on Anthem since they released the trailer on E3. As for Jump Force, I actually just found out about it about a month or 2 ago and I can say I am really excited. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play the Beta for Jump Force, but the game play looks amazing so far.

*If any of you Steemers were able to play the Beta, please comment your experience below :)

Some other big releases:
• Resident Evil 2 – January 25
• Kingdon Hearts 3 - January 29
• Crackdown 3 – February 15
• Far Cry New Dawn – February 15
• Jump Force – February 15
• Anthem – February 22
• Dead or Alive 6 – March 1
• Devil May Cry 5 – March 8
• Mortal Kombat 11 – April 23
• Days Gone – April 26

Out of all the games listed, I personally think that Anthem is going to be one the best games to come out in 2019 and that it will even top RDR2! The real question is, why am I so excited about Anthem?
To be completely honest, BioWare has been putting in an insane amount of work into this game which was first featured in 2017. From the character customization, to the overall graphics, its just simply amazing. For years I have been waiting for a new action-RPG and the moment I saw the trailer I knew that this was the game I have been waiting for.
One of the coolest aspects to the game is how customization your characters are. Bioware gave users full control on creating their character to play the users exact desired play style. These characters are split up in 4 classes called Javelins, which are the suits you customize and use in game.

The four different suits are(In order of photo above ^):

  1. Ranger Javelin
    • The most versatile Javelin in the game. Has strong attack capabilities, as well as good defense.
  2. Colossus Javelin
    • This is basically the Tank class. This is the only Javelin that can carry heavy weapons and that has a defensive shield ability. Very strong defense and has good multi target attacks.
  3. Storm Javelin
    • This is basically the Mage Javelin. With him being very lightly armored, it makes up for in attack power. The Storm Javelin is complete nuke who hovers over the battlefield and drops very strong AOE attacks.
  4. Interceptor Javelin
    • This is the fastest Javelin in the game. The Interceptor basically is a suit that allows the player to rush in to close combat fights, attack quickly, then jump out before you're hit. The best way to classify this Javelin in my opinion is that this is more of an assassination Javelin.

The map contains secret passages, dungeons, Boss fights, mob fights and so much more. The story looks extremely well put together as well, so that makes it even more exciting. I really have high hopes for this game, hopefully it lives up to the hype!
When Anthem comes out, I will also be doing weekly updates on the game play, story, weapons, etc.. so stay tuned for more!

Is anyone else really excited about any games coming out this year (PC, Xbox 1, PS4, Switch)?

Leave a comment below talking about what game you're excited about!

*Upvotes, Reposts, and follows are greatly appreciated :)



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