Rockstar Games On Sale @ Steam. Just Bought GTA V For The Low Price Of $29.99. Steam Accepts Bitcoin BTW!!! (My VeryHigh/High Gtx1050 ti Benchmarks)

in gaming •  11 months ago

Sale On Rockstar Games At Steam!!!!

This is my budget gaming rig playing Very High/ High Settings. I-7 860 @ 2.80ghz gtx 1050 ti 8gigs system ram. :-)

(recorded with same pc using OBS fps Usually 5-10 avg. higher)

When Building Budget PC You Want Budget Priced Games.

At the low price of $29.99 which is half off the $59.99 regular price for GTA V its a deal I couldn't pass up. Now I can do benchmarks that I can compare to common ones I find online. This will allow me to really know the capabilities of my low-end budget gaming pc.

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i like this game,,,,,

very intresting

Man as quick as it went on sale its gone again guys. Back to $60 bucks.

I loves eeeet!