Why The Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever created

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The first Witcher games were something that only a handful people knew of and it was mildly popular amongst gamers. Then the Witcher 3 game came and they really took up a step in terms of quality, making The Witcher 3 the best game of the last year. You take the part of Geralt, a mutated monster-hunter, searching for his adoptive daughter in a medieval world devastated by war.

There is not a time in my life, that I can think of, where I didn't play any kind of game. I always find most of the games lacking in some way or another, but that was different with The Witcher 3.

In my opinion, the developers did everything right with this game. People who played or still play this game would most likely agree with me. So what makes it so great you ask?

5. Gwent Is A Better Minigame Than Many Full Price Titles

Not only does this game offer the rich and vast lands that you can explore, but also there is a 'minigame' called Gwent. You know a lot of games have minigames, but The Witcher 3 really did something different with this one.

Gwent is the popular card game that exists within the universe of The Witcher 3, and if you so desire, you can have Geralt spend a ridiculously large amount of time challenging other characters in the game and collecting newer, more powerful cards. The game even got a Standalone spin-off which is truly amazing. You can clearly spend hours and hours collecting cars, fighting everyone in the game and having a great time with Gwent alone.

Gwent is surprisingly addictive and easy to understand, but once you go deeper you can see that there is complex nature to the game.

Gwent revolutionized how I see minigames in games and I hope to see more awesome things like that in the future.

4. The Graphics

I'm not someone who looks at graphics and thinks 'Oh god, that game must be awful/good.' The Witcher 3 is one of the most beautiful games of our current generation and will probably stay like this for a few more years. The attention to the detail is what makes the graphics of the game truly amazing. Environments are colorful, textured, and realistically rendered with near non-existent draw distances, all while maintaining its scope and sense of exploration.

All the characters in the game are perfectly designed and especially the monsters could be passed as real. You'll never forget a monster even after you defeated it because the design is so good and unique that it will stick to you for a long time. Rally the art style is just that good.

I found myself standing at the edge of a mountain and just looking at the beautiful land, how everything seems so lively and real. It makes you want to live in this world and see those lands for yourself.

The Wheater in the game is really well made - when it rains, water drips off our main protagonist, storms feel like they're happening behind our windows. The developers have really paid attention to details and so have the players.

3. The Characters

The Witcher is something that keeps on getting better with each new game. Most of the other games out there are not really known for the realistic characters that they present, The Witcher 3 being an exception on that regard. One would think that the characters in this massive game would be forgotten really quickly, with new characters lurking around every single corner. But that is not what is happening in The Witcher 3. The thing that Witcher 3 does is having a cast of characters you grow to love the longer you play.

The dialogues are amazingly executed. You have many choices and you can skip some as well. Gradually, you feel as you are becoming a part of something bigger, which is the effect of the well written overall story and atmosphere.

The game has a huge range of support and side-characters that are strong, sexy and people that you generally feel connected with. There is no shortage of characters in this game and their characters that you will hate, love or anything in between.

Witcher 3 takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that will make you meet new people everywhere.

2. The Story and Quests

The Witcher 3 is a fantastically written game, which reflects in the main story and each quest that you accept. The game is structured like a great television show with incredible depth, something that almost all of the other video games fail to reach. There funny, heartbreaking and tragic stories in all the land that just wait for you to be found.

There's so much diversity in question that you will never feel bored at all - There simple ones, where you will fetch something to reach your goal, and then there epic ones, that will make you go on a journey that will make any main story of any fantasy game look like total shit. The Witcher 3 definitely sets a new standard when it comes to questing.

The Witcher 3 managed to weave player choices into the story which feel like you're really impacting the story. The Witcher 3 will make you laugh, cry and will make you feel thrilled like no other game can ever achieve. That is all because of the great writing with an amazing storytelling.

1. The Developer - CD Projekt RED

The real reason why the game is that good is that of CD Projekt RED. Without the passion ambition, hard work, and consumer friendly policies, the game wouldn't be nearly as good as it is now. Those guys are the reason why Witcher 3 is truly that good and set new standards for a whole genre of gaming. While every other gaming company shifted to a business model where it is more important to rip off the customers, CD Projekt RED keeps giving the customers everything they need. They are committed to keeping DLC free and creating valuable post-launch content. And most importantly, they are always in open dialogue with their customers, keeping them informed of impending changes and thanking them for their support.

It really is rare to see game developers, in this age of time, that doesn't try to rip off people with DLC's, Pre-Launch content, early access or anything like that. I think our gaming industry changed to something where low-quality games are put out just so that some idiots buy it. CD Projekt RED is a gaming company that tries to make the customer have the most positive experience with their games and that is what makes The Witcher 3 truly amazing. They released a FREE DLC that easily adds 100 hours to the game, where other game companies would sell that as a new game for full price.

What do you guys thing about the Witcher 3? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to upvote.

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Witcher 3 is a mix of my two favourite games, Skyrim and Assassin Creed.
I couldn't agree with you less, it is one of the greatest games

I agree. It's by far one hell of a game. I hope they keep that spirit up for their upcoming games. Thy for sharing your thoughts :)

EVER? Hmm.....


Yea I agree. Not necessarily my favorite game (lots in recent years compete for that personal spot) but you're right- the polish, story, investment, etc. make one of the finest recent products in gaming history.

I have put well over 200 hours into The Witcher 3 and still go back every now and then to just experience the world again.

Witcher 3 is the best game always.