Fortnite (BR) Battle Royale Solo Rage

in gaming •  8 months ago

Just Having A Bit Of Fun. Fortnite Is A First Person Shooter Co-Op Game I Enjoy Playing Regularly. My Favorite Console To Play On Is PS4. Perhaps One Day We Will Meet In The Online Arena.

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We can meet up in the arena :-) and make a little Tag Team Match 💪. Playing also on ps4


Haha with this set up I can see the whole card 😋 ;-)

2 days left on vacation, then I’m back online ✌️


Nice setup :) Projector?


Yep . But one of the first generations... 1080st BenQ. But need to have the jalousie down. Perhaps in 1-2 years a cool bright 4K. :-)

Your steemit name = your ps network name?


Yes and No, I'll have to go and copy-paste it. Gimmie a few, I'll post it.

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nice gameplay