World of Warcraft: Rescue Baine Bloodhoof Alliance scenario!

in #gaming4 years ago (edited)

Welcome Steemians to another World of warcraft gameplay video, with the scenario of the rescue of Baine Bloodhoof. This scenario explains the Alliance part of this story line, where it's needed to rescue Baine Bloodhoof in Oggrimar. Baine was taken prison after he released the brother of Jaina proudmoore back to the Alliance. Which was seen as a act of treason by Sylvannas, and she ordered him to be taken prison. There for the King of the Alliance ordered Jaina to rescue Baine from Prison, while on the same time Thrall ( who was a old leader of the horde) was also busy with his own rescue mission. What will lead to a part were the Alliance and the Horde are working together again since the battle of Mount Hyal. That make some insiders of say that in the future the Alliance and the horde will come together again. But we cant say that for sure, and will see how Blizzard will works this out. Because it started to look like that the Horde will get a new leadership, and that the Alliance will help support that. Stay tuned.....Enjoy!

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Why didn't you explain the game. That could have attracted Curie's attention. You can still do some editing if you can. Talk about your experience of the game, the graphics, pros and cons and anything else you want to talk about.

Because i only wanted to show the scenario from the Alliance side of Warcraft, to the other gamers who play Warcraft, and play the other faction of the Horde. This story line got two sides and who play warcraft knows that. It's not about the general gameplay of the World of Warcraft.

Beside that, creating a post can be done within 10 min, but creating a video can take two hours, with editing and loading and thinking of creating ideas. And if anyone can't appreciate that, because they cant see what they want in the video, then i cant help that. Because at the end of the day, by creating my own videos i do what Steemit demands from his members, that is to create unique content, even if it lack some information.

Like first it's needed to record the game, which take 30 minutes, then convert that into MP4, then edit the video by removing parts, or making some scenes faster, search for music, then re-watch again to look if everything is fine and then upload it to youtube, then create a post on Steemit about.

So when others prefer to vote on a post which explains in detail how to make coffee, which can be done within 4 minutes time. Then i think those people do not value the time, people put in content and then i dont need those votes!
And if anyone has some demands of my video, then they can ask me and il make that.just saying....

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