Trying My Hand At Some Game Creation (Unreal Engine)

in gaming •  10 months ago

Everyone knows I am an avid crypto junkie, not only living and breathing it but also full time working in it. One thing about me many might not know, besides also being a musician I have always been interested in creating games. Over the years I just didn't find time to dive into that one thing on my bucket list but now officially I am taking on the hobby and begun the process of creating my first game.

Here is a test video of me utilizing Unreal Engine 4 with some marketplace assets. I have already started learning blueprints and this video shows the progress so far. In the future I will keep at this and try to create an update as I move forward. The ultimate idea is to create a survival game in the vain of 7 Days to Die but with some of the realism that is The Forest, so far, looking very possible. Of course I am not quitting my day job lol.


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