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First of all, if you don't know what is Steemnova then, in a nutshell, it is a strategy browser MMO game, which is running with steem, and for steemians from almost two years now(so quite long time). A game a few weeks ago had a new start (many bugfixes, UI improvement, new rules). In present, the game is actively developed by @intinte / @intintedao and if you would like to know more, you can find info on their feed, or you can go to SN discord channel: and ask other players, you can also register here: and start to play and earn some steem.

BUT if you are already in-game, and you want to earn some extra steem, than I have an ideal proposition for you. I am just opening my privet market, oh well it is to big word, but I am becoming merchant who will gladly buy your ships, and resources for steem.

I am buying ships:

  • Colonial Ship (2): 2 steem
  • Heavy Cargo (10): 0,4 steem
  • Heavy Fighter (20): 0,3 steem
  • Cruiser (10): 1,5 steem
  • Battleship (10): 3 steem
  • Recycler (5): 1 steem

I am buying resources:

  • 40k metal (2): 0,8 steem
  • 20k crystal (4): 1,2 steem
  • 10k deuter (2): 1 steem

I will post my demand for goods as my needs will change, but I think it will be every three or four days.
My account for transactions and for playing is: @sarmaticus if you want to make a deal please contact me on discord.


About prices, I am open for negotiation :>

Good prices. Let's trade!

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