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For you lovers of racing games or have a hobby of racing, Midnight Club 3 is worth trying. Games available on Play Station 2 (PS2), can be enjoyed in your spare time at home or when hanging out with friends. However, if you have trouble playing this game, do not worry, here is a list of Midnight Club 3 cheats on the full PS2 you can learn.


About Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix PS2
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is a racing game created by Rockstar San Diego as part of the third series of Midnight Club. Not much different from the previous series, this game will invite you to act as a racer to drive at full speed or just walking around locations like San Diego, Detroit, and Antlanta. In addition, as long as your game will be accompanied by a row of songs ranging from hip hop, rock, and more from the list of 98 tracks available.


Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix on PS2


You can choose to ride a motorcycle or car. Not only the type of vehicle, you can also easily set or modify your racing vehicle, from the outside to the specifications in it. In addition, Midnight Club will also present the best graphics that appear at certain times, such as when your vehicle crashing an object. That way, your game play moments will feel more real. Although it looks difficult, but again, you do not have to worry because there is a cheat code Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix PS2 bahasa indonesia after this which will help you win easily.


Features in Midnight Club 3 Game on PS2


Before we discuss further about the Midnight Club 3 password on the full PS2 in the next section, let's first take a look at what features you'll get during this racing game.

During the game, you can choose 4 characters available that is Oscar, Apone, Vince, and Ryo.The whole character is a professional engine technician who has the ability to race like a professional racer. The game will be centered in 3 cities namely Detroit, Antlanta, and San Diego.


If you are able to win the race, then you can open the opportunity to access a new vehicle. In addition, you will be given additional options to be able to modify your vehicle, ranging from paint, bumpers, wheels, and so on. Not just offline, you can also race online with all Midnight Club players around the world.


In Remix or re-released versions, there are all features available at Midnight Club 3, such as location, vehicle, music, and so on. In addition, you can also save your last game on the DUB version via a memory card and play back in remixed version. That way, you will not lose the opportunity by playing again from the beginning. New features you can get in remixed versions include 24 new vehicles, a new city of Tokyo, 25 new songs, as well as a new race as well as race routes.



Code of Midnight Club Cheat 3 on PS2 Bahasa Indonesia Complete
Add $ 1 to KUBMIR's Career Money
Opening All-City in Arcade ROADTRIP
A special Argo moves DFENS
Head of Rabbit GETHEADL
URBAN SPRAWL faster pedestrian
Increase car mass in HYPERARGO arcade mode
There is no ONTHEROAD damage
Head of Pumpkin GETHEADJK
Roar special moves RJNR
Head of Snow Man GETHEADM
Yellow Smile Head GETHEADJ
Special Zone moves Allin


Some of the code I wrote above may be very useful for those of you who want to quickly fast and master game midnight this 3, some cheat code above can also change the characters and other human behavior that must make the game so add fun and cool guaranteed will not be boring.

Opening Car and Accessories Midnight Club 3 PS2
Type of Car How to Open
San Diego Police Car Beat Vanessa Twice
1957 Chevy Bel Air San Diego Stage Tournament
Lexus IS300 San Diego City Tournament
Chrysler 300c "DUB Edition" Balboa Park Tournament
Hotmatch Cuevito shake Phil

Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG "DUB Edition" San Diego DUB Tournament
Escalade EXT Atlanta DUB Tournament
Vito is available as a Beat Vito rider
Ducati SS1000 04 Hotlanta Gifts Tournament
Atlanta Police Car Beat Roy
Lamborghini Murcielago Win Champ AS
Cadillac Sixteen Win Champ AS
1968 Chevy Corvette American Royalty Car Club
Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R Original Rider
Hotmatch Skully Chopper American Bicycle Club
Motorcycle Police Chopper American Bicycle Club
Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Big Playas
Spider is available as a Beat Spider rider
Kioshi is available as a rider Kioshi Beat
2002 Nissan Skyline shake Ceasar
Cadillac Cien Detroit City Tournament
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve With Invitations Only
Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG Angel BeAT
Rockstar Vinyls Collect 12 Rockstar Logos
Rockstar License Plans Collect 24 Rockstar Logos
New Riders Collect all 36 Rockstar Logos
Cheat car above is very much at all and of course you will not be disappointed in playing midnight club game 3 on playstation 2 after seeing the reference code cheat from this site, one cool car I think is lamborghini and you can use the cheat just a free alias immediately right now.

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So little I can share about Cheat Midnight Club 3 on PS2 Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru to you all game players in ps2 all over the world which included in indonesia country. good luck and good luck using midnight club chat 3 above.

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