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in gaming •  20 days ago

not quit the pliocene exiles but as we find ourselves another year shorter, lost on nothing in a place called hell we flee the last days of the dreaded 2018 as we ignore the coming of the looming dark in 2019 into the only -ism left : escape

to make a long story short :

taming in online play can take hours, for some dinos maybe 24 hours without kibble, titans i hear take several days, which makes online play one of those "you HAVE TO team and solo-play is baed so go away and die"-games ...

So i play primitive plus (no rocket launchers and stuff) with no mods and only increased taming speed (as its supposed to be passtime sitting on a screen for six hours watching a stegosaur nibble berries only to find the last 15 minutes the game is a sore loser and dumps a pack of raptors on your arse) to keep it playable for the few days before i shelve it again...

night is night really, there's no light-pollution on the Ark

your first bird is what normal irl people would probably refer to as their first car : freedom of movement ... a bit of a drag to tame without kibble and easily breakable but it provides a way to the much needed ore to forge metal, found only on mountainsides full of nasty things waiting to eat you (and eachother .. its really a dynamic world in se)

As i suddenly bump into Sid and Adriaaan! (big rocky fan he is) so i decide to enlist them to the tribe of me ... which works out, but sadly by the time i get them down the mountain more than one T-rex smells fresh meat and i only have a few scraps of skin left when i'm down on the beach again (imagine taming that anky and doed for HOURS and then that happening on your escape-from-christmas-fake game)
So i make another run and stand once more in awe for the fabulous realtime rendered artistry of team monkey (;-))
but find nothing to enlist...

And then i fall for the trap of all traps :GREED ... pockets full of goodies i decide to go for "just one more" before i bank and punishment awaits, death by raptor on a rocky mountainslope.

As this game tries to profile you, as all games, i think the only thing it shows playing with a short-circuiting joypad by myself it would either describe me as an a-social masochist OR

someone who doesn't know how to quit when he WANTS ...

we take the brat-pack ... die again, take the raft, get killed by bug

that's like THE worst, i mean if you know you were greedy or careless there's no one to blame but if the game just goes


while pouncing around on parasaurback

for no reasons given, ...

you get paranoid and suspect Satellius is pushing buttons somewhere.

But in the end, through perseverance. ...

lost a bird, but like the great therinosaur attack got me a genetically modified killer chicken i now bump into Adriaaaaan! who changed colours slightly and looks like a cool doed now

so all in all the runs ended in an overall win, got the saddle back, got the ghillie back AND got me an Adriaaan to play rocky with.

What's a story ?

immersion ?

should have been there then :)

yea , online but team (bleh) means leashed as the world doesnt stop simply because you log out and being in a tribe means working shifts to tame big dinos lol

thats more work than gaming, but i guess for the "pro" clans that would work

its still ichiban in survival sim though AND runs on my years years old rig at pretty decent HD quality

happy saving the world for christmas to you

i'll look into that after i can help myself

mhh ... i expect even more apathy from me in 2019 .. its a self defense mechanism and the system is looming and lurking, ready to pounce to bring my shred of mental stability down again ...

and how anyone can even consider smartphones as "gaming"

is still a mystery to me

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lol, What's up my dino buddy. I decided to take a bit of a break from work and surf around a bit...
I've got a couple of contracts about to start that are going to be wide open for about 2 months. So I decided to take a bit more of a break before the 12 to 18 hour days kick off again.