Wolfenstein: Youngblood Gaming Review

in undefined •  2 months ago 

Not going to lie when I first played it I did not like it i hated that they wanted to make it whole gender based with his daughters but if you look passed that, the story for it is not half bad. There might not be much of a story for youngblood but I love that they went back to the original wolfenstein from ps3 and xbox 360 where you could free roam the few maps that they put together instead of it being mission based like new order and new colossus. I do like how you have to fight your way up to each of the brother towers I thought that was really fun, it was kinda like fighting for king of the hill almost then the fighting each of the guardians on top of the towers and killing the key holders was really cool. The only thing I didn't like was if you die you have to start at the very bottom again which shouldn't happen if you keep your shared lives at 3. All in all it is a good looking past all the gender based and the small story and small side mission keep you busy as well. I hope they continue this series and never end it.

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