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Hello Stemiian , How are you guys? Back again today with me @rizkipros101 . and today i will review and shared one of my favorite game on iOS Android " Football Manager Mobile 18".


If Football Manager is a sporting king of simulator - and most people would say that it is - Football Manager Mobile 2018 is something of a young prince. Although it does not include all the features if its master, it is enough to reign supreme as the best of all the mobile soccer management games.  

Those who have never played Football Manager Mobile may be surprised by the many different ways that you can play. Career Mode is the old standard, giving you 30 years to gain as much management glory as many leagues from 17 different countries, including South Korea and U.S. (huzzah, MLS!) for the first time. The challenge mode presents several different scenarios to test your sharpness in a more focused way, from avoiding degradation to having a strange wound, while My Club lets you create your own football team and add it to the league. 

But if you decide to plunge into management, you will find a stripped down sim but still very powerful. You will be dealing with transfer, squad management and tactics, just like you do in PC games. The wealth of information you expect is literally at your fingertips, because the UI is quite intuitive with the menu key combination and friction so you can find almost anything you want to know in a matter of seconds.

The compromises required to fit this game on phones and tablets are present on the more humane side of football. There is no press conference, no exciting part-time speech and a number of ways to interact with players. Some would-be managers might regard this as a big loss, especially if you like a sharp male motivator. Others tend to find this liberation because it forces focus on tactics and actions on the ground.

The action comes in the form of dots that kick the ball around, not a 3D machine of any kind, but it moves quickly and can be scaled down to make it easier for older devices. Devs has also made navigating between stats and substitutions effortlessly, and updates live scores from around your league give the feel of a live football world.

For those who keep track of things like that, Football Manager Mobile 2018 does offer IAPs above the download price, but this is primarily for the purchase of gameplay options so you can open up with enough play. It's really a matter of patience versus the willingness to spend time to avoid waiting.  

Over time, it's easy to imagine that Football Manager Mobile will grow to be more like a full-on PC game because the device in our pocket allows more football to be packed into smaller spaces (there is also Football Manager Touch 2018 to bridge the gap). Until then, this is the best way to see if you are smarter than the gaffer you see in real life. And while you may not, at least you can pretending to have fun. 

for last watch the gameplay trailer :


I has mad a few points about this game :


1. Several modes and more countries than ever before

2. The intuitive interface makes everything easy to find

3. Matching machines move things in good clips


1. Lack of media, player interaction just means it's all Xs and Os

2. Match engine is just strictly dot type of soccer

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Original Images and Source are from in-game Football Manager Mobile 18. 

                                         HAPPY GAMING !!!! AND THANK YOU !!!

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