Football Manager 2018 - The Hopton Journey - Part 4

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The Hopton United Journey

Part 4

Hello and welcome back to the Hopton United Journey. Todays part is going to be a relatively small part as not much has happened this month however we will be covering all of the results from October and going over the monthly and season stats so far from the squad. We will also be having out October player of the month nominations for you to vote for.

Like i said in the intro, it has been a relatively quiet month now we are in full flow this season. This month saw us kick off out Sterry Cup campaign which will be covered a little later on along with the 4 league games this month. Lets take a look at how this month has gone with the match reports from each game.


A great start to this month however, instantly it turned a little bad with an injury to one of the players who has been outstanding so far this year.


Now i know its not long but after the unbelievable start i hope this does not cause the squad to go downhill.







So the unbeaten start to the season continues this month along with a nice second round victory in the Sterry cup. One negative of the month was the fact we conceded our first league goal of the season but that came the game after Keiran Martin got his injury and disrupted the team slightly but ever since that, we have come together again and performed to our very best. Lets have a look how the current league table looks after the first 10 games of the season, im sure you can all work out where we are sitting based on the results so far.


As expected, look how good that league table is looking for us. The only team to have a 100% record and averaging 5.3 goals per game only conceding the 1. We are sitting 9 points clear but that is still close considering we have a lot of games left to play still. We will not be taking our foot of the gas yet and hopefully we can keep a 100% winning ratio come the end of the season.

This months individual player stats have looked decent too. Some outstanding performances from players again making it tough for the Player of the Month nominations.

october stats.png

And finally take a look at the overall stats to date.


Player Of The Month October

Player A

Lewis Crowe.png


Another great month by lewis Crowe getting his 2nd player of the month in succession. In the 4 games he has played this month, he has scored 1 goal and assisted in 4 also picking up 2 player of the match awards.

Player B

ricky martin.png


Well done to Ricky Martin who has been nominated for the first time after scoring 3 goals and assisting 6 in the games he has played also picking up a man of the match award.

Player C

sophie Martin.png


Another month and another nomination for Sophie Martin. 6 goals and an assist in the games played along with a player of the match award means she is option C for October.


To vote for Septembers Player of the month, please comment below either A, B or C as to who you think deserves this. The winner of the vote will get the player of the month vote and this will be added to the stats and this will then give them a chance of winning the Steemit player of the season.

A - Lewis Crowe
B - Ricky Martin
C - Sophie Martin

You have 7 days from the time this post is released before we have our winner .

Check out some of the players steemit pages.

Keiran Martin - @slayerkm
Trafford Burrell - @supertraff
Alex Chigz - @chigz14
Rian Cushing - @supercush

Please follow me so you dont miss the next installment of the Hopton United Journey. If you enjoyed please leave an upvote and let me know in the comments what you think so far.


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