Foodie resigned as Curie's Archdruid gaming curator

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Some of you might know, some of you might not, but I have been part of Curie's gaming curation team for the last year-ish. That time is now coming to and end.

I had been a main Curie curator for a couple of months when I was asked to join curation for one of Curie's sub-communities, gaming. Most of you know I enjoy gaming a lot, so I had also been following plenty of gamers and upvoting them with my own, small voting power since I started here. Getting the opportunity to do this on a much larger scale, rewarding great gaming content with a much more substantial reward, sounded like an amazing opportunity, so ofcourse I said yes!

At the start, my co-curator was @jodipamungkas. We would hunt for good gaming posts and would do quality and plagiarism checks to upvote the best, original content. After a while, tasks between us two shifted and eventually, some changes were made to ensure only the best content would continue to be supported.

Jodi left and in his place came @geekgirl and @rasamuel. The three of us shared our expectations and goals and found them perfectly aligned. @geekgirl set up a Discord server for us to easily communicate. We started inviting gamers to join this server, added some extra channels and the Archdruid Gaming Community was born!

The Discord server has been a huge success and there have been quite a few active members who have set up community contests and who have helped bring good gaming content to the attention of the Curie curators.

Somewhere along the line though, I have lost my connection with the community. I still love gaming and still support many gamers, but I have been too absent lately. I guess that started when I moved houses and was without time and internet for nearly a month.

I haven't been able to get back into the rythm and instead, I have found other little projects I want to focus on. I've talked about them a bit lately. Creating designs for various products online, a website to showcase my best pictures and designs, keeping my Steemit blogs up and running. I have more things I still want to do, but I can't find the time or energy to spread my focus across so many different things. Besides that, I am currently also spending more time offline to enjoy our beautiful new home and garden.

That's why I've decided to let some things go. My own, individual projects can easily be put on hold until I find the urge to work on them. The Curie gaming curation, however, can not. It would simply not be fair to my co-curators if I were to remain part of the team, but not pull my weight.

I love that the Archdruid Gaming Community has been build and I love that it is such a success. I will remain part of it and stay on the Discord server, but right now, I'm just not very active. I will also continue to support good gaming content with my own upvote (which has grown a little compared to when I first started, so it actually makes a small difference). Some people are on my auto vote list, which I have set up to support good authors when I'm not around to do manual curation. Others will occasionally see a manual upvote coming their way.

I will keep working as a Curie main curator for as long as Curie will have me. I have not been very active there either, but I still love being able to suggest great works of underappreciated artists for a big bonus vote.

Thanks to @geekgirl and @rasamuel for being great co-curators and for setting up this awesome gaming community. Thanks to @liberosist for recommending me as a curator, thanks to @donkeypong for helping me along the way, and thanks to @curie aswell for giving me this awesome opportunity to support the gamers on Steemit. I hope you'll allow me to continue my main curation work for a long time to come!

And lastly, thanks to the awesome gamers on Steemit for adding plenty of geek content to this amazing platform!

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Screenshot is my awesome fire mage in World of Warcraft.

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Awww. Just saw this now. Good luck with everything. 😊 Not sure if I can still ask you or the other gaming curators...

Would like to know if mobile gaming is included to what can be curated? @geekgirl

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Thanks @artgirl! I guess I can still answer though. Any gaming content could be eligible for Archdruid curation, as long as it reaches a certain standard. I would like to direct you to the Archdruid Discord channel where you can find a lot of information. You can also chat with people there and learn from them :-)


Alright, that's cool. Thanks. 😊

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Wow you got recommended by the liberosist himself haha. This is a very nice way to sum everything up. As is I've also stepped down and this captures most of my thoughts too, so, resteemed.

Was nice curating with ya lol. Thanks for being awesome!


Sad to hear you've stepped down too. You did a great job! I hope you'll enjoy your new endeavours (and you're sticking around on Steemit I hope!).

It was nice curating with you too and thank you for being awesome :D

It's perfectly fine to drop a few things in order to advance projects and such. You need to "manage all your squirrels" as I like to say these days. Sometimes we need to make a few sacrifices and sometimes that means moving things around or dropping some things.


You need to "manage all your squirrels" as I like to say these days.

Haha, love it! Yeah, we can't keep everything up at once. It was really starting to weigh me down, so taking a step back to focus on my own things gives me a little more room. I can work and slack when I need to now, no one depending on my actions but me :-)


That's good to hear. We all need some down time in order to be productive.

Hey I had heard your name before but I didn't know you were the main gaming curator at Archdruid!

Although I never got to talk to you personally, it's still nice knowing you were there behind everything, reading the crazy stuff we all wrote here and there.

The important thing here is doing what you want an what makes you feel good. If this project is not as important or doesn't make you feel enough butterflies as other things do, then your choice is good and we all encourage you to keep doing what you love.

It's been nice!

You've got to do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me in the past especially back when I first started :D

I am currently also spending more time offline to enjoy our beautiful new home and garden.

I love to hear this @playfulfoodie.

I had no idea you were a curie curator but it sounds like a good decision to let go of the gaming aspect now.

I'm sure you'll be missed but sometimes you just have to move on. 😁

I have just resteemed one of your older posts. It is too good not to share:

Hello playfulfoodie!

Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! For a chance to get more of your content resteemed join the Steem Engine Team

So sad to hear this, but totally understandable. I can relate to the lack of time and I know how hard it can become to juggle this with family and jobs. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for everything you have done. The gaming tag would not have been as amazing or special for so many gamers if it was not for some very kind souls looking for those undervalued posts and giving them a warm hug of encouragement to keep going.

It is always great when one of the founders share a little insight into the start of things.

A while back I went into curie’s blog looking for the first sign of community lists as I have done again since I forgot to bookmark it. I know your name was on their curation before that. It is always great to see how things have evolved over time.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Others will occassionally see a manual upvote coming their way.
It should be occasionally instead of occassionally.

:( It was meeting you but we never speak very much. I remember that I asked you for your opinion to improve in my publications and you gave me a few advices that served to me very much.

I understand that you have to organize your life and your priorities. Luck and any help that you need Archdruid is your heart also <3

Thank you for your support in the past @playfulfoodie and I am happy for you that you have achieved some of your goals in and out of steemit, a hug.

It's a shame you're leaving, but I suppose life is life and there's only 24 hours a day...
I never met you in Archdruid but if you're one of the founders then you deserve my gratitude for creating such a good community where a great amount of posts are really awesome, so thank you and don't hesitate to stop by when you want, I don't think archdruid is going to go anywhere anytime soon :D