World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and what their not telling us

in #gaming5 years ago (edited)

So here we are sargeras is locked away and the burning legion is defeated sure theirs a huge sword sticking out of silithis but I'm sure our glorious artifact weapons will deal with the sword and the corruption in due time. The issue presents itself that the horde and alliance are basically standing around looking at the world bleeding and the blood of azeroth crystalizing on the ground and saying hey I want that, I'm going to kill you for it. Blizzard has been fairly vague about the point of this next expansion other than a renewed fight between the factions. The beautiful cinematic of the battle of lordaeron, sylvanis and anduin meeting on the battle field supposedly after the horde burnt down teldrassil. I think battle is going to be the biggest lie blizzard has ever sold us in a very good way, play up the allied races. play up the upright trolls the upright orcs and the 6 new island based zones. Were all going to be sitting here at each others throats trying to collect azurite and were gonna get a patch where the armies of the old gods come calling and its an absolute race to survival because no one would listen

"The king of diamonds has been made a pawn"

"The lord of ravens will turn the key"

"The boy king serves at the masters table, 3 lies he will serve you"

"her heart is a Crater, and we have filled it"

"five keys to open the way, five torches to light our path"

"At the hour of her third death, she will usher us in"

"From the earth, he draws our strength. Our earth, our strength"

the old gods are coming and their coming soon. maybe this expansion maybe the next but if you take into account we are finally facing queen azshara its a good bet we will atleast see N'zoth


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