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Hello friends Steemian, Back again with me @nafidarmhd who will discuss about the game on android the Arena of Valor gane (AOV). In this post I will discuss about Hero Airi, Skill and its build item in the game Arena of Valor (AOV). Well just go ahead I will discuss about this Lauriel hero.

story of Lauriel hero

"in heaven in standing next to the throne of the great ones. lauriel spread his six elegant wings and broadcasted."

lauriel is a temple or light keeper and spiritual leader of followers. obedient to his duties, he kept vigil at the temple directing his strength to face the approaching darkness. he obediently obeys the words of the gerers of ones and is richly endowed with extraordinary powers. he is their messenger, spreading the truth to followers of the great ones who regard themselves as the embodiment of their love and justice.

the sincerity of lauriel's faith gives him unchallenged strength and for a moment in control of the power of reincarnation. His wing-packs will breathe life into creatures, while the closure of his wings will bring life into an agonizing cycle.

when the battle against the fallen troops the followers had watched lauriel spread its wings and hit the enemy forces, the lightning he called turned and split the demonic army in one fell. the troops he leads without fear of running their mission to obliterate the fallen forces.

"I will blow the judgmental trumpet at the end of time"

Lauriel is a type of hero mage / assassin, lauriel has an effective attack as an assassin. with his skill, lauriel was able to kill his enemy quickly, with the merging of his skill.

Attributes owned by Lauriel 

Basic attributes

  • Max HP = 3019
  • phys. DEF = 87|12,6%
  • phys. ATK = 167
  • magic DEF = 50|76%
  • magic power = 0
  • Max where = 490

Attack Attribute

  • Mov. Speed= 340
  • ATK Speed= 0%
  • life steal = 0%
  • distance of attack = distance
  • armor pierce = 0 | 0%
  • crit rate = 0%
  • where syphon = 0%
  • magic pierce = 0 | 0%
  • crit DMG = 200%
  • cooldown Red = 0%

Attribute persisted

  • Resistance = 0%
  • HP / 5 seconds = 43
  • Where / 5 seconds = 17

Skill possessed Lauriel

Hero Lauriel has a passive ability and maximum ability that can support it in order to survive and attack his enemies. With his effective skill skills he can kill his enemy quickly.

1. divine punishment

this is a lauriel passive skill, enemies exposed to lauriel skill will receive a special mark, enemies that hit the mark will trigger an explosion, restore 110 health to themselves and cause 160 true damage and 90% reduction of movement speed for 1 second to the surrounding enemies.

2. the wheel

This skill lauriel summons a sacred light that causes magic damage to the enemy. the created path glows thereafter and generates the same amount of magic damage.

3. Blink

with this skill lauriel flapping its wings and lunging forward, lauriel will also call 3 additional wings to attack the surrounding enemies who will be able to cast magic DMG with each hand. cooldown skill reduced 4 seconds juka attack about his opponent.

4. Smite

with this skill lauriel calling a judgment circle that lasted 12 seconds, raising 210 magic damage both when the circle appears and disappears. besides reducing the cooldown of the wheel and blink when he is in his circle.

by combining the three skills that is skil 1, then skill 2 and skill 3 then it will be very effective for lauriel to kill his opponent

Build items used on Lauriel heroes

to support the skill possessed lauriel more effective and strong, hence required buil matching item also in use lauriel. here are the items.

1. Rhea's blessing

this item will add 140 magic power and 10% cooldown red. for passive skill when HP hero less than 40% then will get 40% magic power, shield last 4 sec this effect have cooldown for 75 second.

2. Gilded greaves

this item will add 110 magic DEF, for passive skill will increase mov speed as much 60 / dab distance will increase as much 35%.

3. Berith's agony

using this item will add 140 magic power, 10% cooldown Red and add 270 phys.DEF. passive torture child produces magic DMG of 4% HP current target max DMG to the monster: 80. cooldown 1,2 sec.

4. Boomstick

this item will add 240 magic power. and passive explosion. When the skill about the opponent to eat will appear a small explosion that menghabilkan 50 magic bonus, cooldown 5 seconds.

5. Shield of the lost

this item will add 360 phys def, and add 1200 max HP. passive: this item will also reduce the enemy ATK speed around by 30%. this will benefit lauriel.

6. Holy of holies

this item is very useful for lauriel because it will add 400 magic power, this is the biggest magic power in magic item. passive: will get 1400 max HP.

So little explanation about Hero Lauriel in the game Arena of Valor, Everything I explain is Real from the Arena of Valor Game that I play and also according to my thinking. If anything is wrong and not appropriate then I apologize.

For other heroes do not forget every day Check my next post.

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