[4K] Unboxing Animal Crossing 3-Pack amiibos (Cyrus, K.K., and Reese)

in gaming •  last year
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I always felt that there was core gameplay missing from Animal Crossing.. I enjoy the art style but it feels like a chore to play. There should be an element of platforming to it - exploring dungeons, defending your town from attack, something other than simply gathering x, talking to y, collecting z..

You could start organizing steemit animal crossing meetups, that is if you don't mind the occasional troll or two, haha!

I'm looking forwards to the animal crossing game on Android when they finally get around to launching it.


Well, Nintendo seems to be approaching to that sort of things. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can visit the Island and play some minigames. Also, in the Welcome Amiibo update, the game now has quests for you to do and earn meow points XD. Other than that, I really like the game format as it is. For me, it is a game to play and relax, with its slow paced music, it feels like I'm in paradise playing and enjoying nature, while I fish or catch a bug. It's simply relaxing. I've been a fan of Animal Crossing since the GameCube game. From that point till now it has really improved. I remember having to ship the fossils to get them identified. That was a pain as I had to wait for the other day in real life to get the results (although I could cheat by changing the date and time, I don't like cheating in games). I'd still had liked if Nintendo made a real Animal Crossing game for the Wii U and not the Amiibo Festival game... Well, there's hope they make a main game for the Nintendo Switch :)


I think the main hurdle for me was the fact that in order to play animal crossing with people I knew IRL they needed to buy a console, so I always ended up playing it alone haha. With the android game at least the barrier for entry is just a quick download, since most people have a smart phone.