PlayStation 4 - DO YOU PLAY IT?! Drop your PSN ID in the comments and meet other players! UPVOTING ALL PARTICIPANTS.

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~$0.50+ Upvotes to all comments that drop their PSN ID in the comments!!!

Everyone knows that PlayStation 4 is the best and only way to play video games at all, anywhere. I kid, but PS4 does rule and tons of people have it, so lets network and play some stuff together!

Let this post serve as a meeting spot for some fellow players.

Resteem this post to get more people to join in, please!

Let's keep it simple. Comment below with at least your PSN ID and I'll upvote your comment with 5% of my vote, which equates roughly to $0.50 right now. Feel free to go on and talk to others, talk about yourself, what you play, blah blah blah, yeah, you get it I'm sure!



Playing Fortnite. My ID in Mihathor

Steemit takes too much of my time these days, but being an old time gamer... I do have a PS4, and the name is the same.. Slobberchops.

I wonder if I could sell if for a fortune.. these things could equate to domain names someday don't you think?

Is that the dude from the movie "Maniac," in your avatar?!

Blush, it is.. I was hoping nobody would notice, though I'm thinking of ditching him as people get scared sometimes :)

Why?! That movie rules. Have you seen the Ariel Pink video where they used all Maniac scenes? Song rules too.

I would tell you why, but not publicly. The video is cool and I'm sure it contains the still I use too. It's been years since I watched Maniac, I used to be into all the Video Nasties once. That terminology is a British expression.

Never heard that term before haha, but I think I get it. I'll add ya on psn.


Get online more, Jake! Hit me up sometime.

Matt....upvote someone else please...but add me anyway....splatvybz


No need to upboat my filthy ass, but if anyone wants to jam or just shoot the shit on PS4 feel free to hit me up: TheMurderberry

I've been mostly playing H1Z1 lately, but I might be down to play a bit of Fortnite or another multiplayer game depending on what it is.

I usually play FIFA 18 on my PS4. The best football game on PlayStation..........TheArcadekid

PSN ID = ObiWanDeathCult , This is a great idea, connecting steemians together to game, and talk about crypto, or anything else, awesome post man, awesome post!

B-but I have no PS4! Oh, the agony... :(


Sacrilege! I do but don't play so much now.. this thing called STEEMIT takes all my time.

I left two PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB systems at a local auction today. They were both "freight damage" and the boxes were almost all but destroyed. Minimum bid on the one with a half decent box was $300 while the one with the box pretty much destroyed completely was a minimum of $200.

I would have bought one but at those prices, it concerns me buying anything "freight damage". Especially there as all sales are final. No way to test them of course.

I just recently got a PlayStation 3 and have been playing the hell out of Diablo III and God of War III and enjoying both quite a bit. Those and that free to play Dead or Alive game are all I play really right now (have over 20 games already).

Yeah, I wouldn't have bought those either, man. Sounds like a bit of a jip in my opinion. You can more than likely find a used PS4 pro in good shape for $250-300 online or on craigslist. Or, hell. Wait until Black Friday and you can get a new one for around $300-350 probably. Would be better off doing that rather than purchasing anything marked "freight damage", lol.

If you get a PS4 anytime soon though drop a comment on one of my posts and I'll add you, my dood.

I remmeber the days when i was playing playstaion 1.Alot of amazing games were there that i would love to play even today.
Crash bandicut, Teken tag, Spyro the Dragon, Medie Evil just to name a few :)

Hi @matt-a you made remind my childhood i grow up playing games in the first play station console i played a lot this game, did you do it too?

Ahh! Syphon Filter! Yup, I remember this game.

Yes what piece of game for that times

I do not play that makes me sad yet I have not been able to buy the PlayStation 4

In my country there are many years of work to obtain one of those

Keep using Steem and maybe one day soon buying a PS4 will be super easy.

All I got is original 1st Gen PS1 and PS2. lol

Gotta get with the future, man! I have a release day PS4 here at my house sitting on my shelf. If you ever feel like putting it to use, let me know and I'll let you borrow it. It's just collecting dust.

Thanks! I will let u know!
I just got the PS2 and bunch of games came with it so it might be a while. lol

I play ps4 with a friend fifa precisely, in this part of the world the console has not yet gained ground. But am addicted to fifa 18 and its crazy. I prefer to go by Flashing grenadier.

Do you play online?

Still setting it up as i said its just new around these parts . but yes

As soon as my crypto hodlings make me rich I'll buy a PS4 :D

I wish i could share but i am also an gamer but prefer to play on PC and in my Android Phone, but i want to appreciate your work because through this you are increasing the engagement and giving an opportunity to get some rewards with entertainment.

And slowly gaming community also developing on Steem Economy and it's great to see because, as we all know gaming community is one of the largest community in this world and if gamers can redirect towards Steem then that would be really great.

My favourite game is Max Payne 3 and i personally like that so much because of the story it holds and i played 1 and 2 series also. And i am waiting if in future we can expect any other part of it.

Also bought the GTA 5 but failed to run due to low end specifications system. And i hope that soon i will going to explore the GTA 5 game.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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