💥steemmonsters season 4th quest win💥

in gaming •  14 days ago

Hello Monster Lovers!!

Hope you all are all well and enjoying your life!

Well, this is my season 4th @steemmonsters quest post and I am really excited about it.

Only 10 days left... Friends!!

It's been over seven weeks since I bought a starter pack on my @mango-juice account. Since then I am playing it hard and really enjoying it, No doubt...

Not only that, Day by day I am powering up my collection to reach higher leagues.

The last season, I have reached Gold II and now again in Gold III and currently roaming around a circle from 2000 to 2200 trophies. I am quite happy with such movement, this is really getting tougher day after day.

Now I have to reach the Diamond league last season. Also. I was quite happy that I got 26 cards as a reward for the previous season.

Don't know why but this season is giving me a headache as I am losing so many times this season.

Anyway, Only 10 days left and I have to reach Diamond III.

Even with a small but increasing collection, I am trying it hard to reach at least Gold I league Or Diamond III.

My current stat in sm value is 80$ and I am buying cards from market to boost up my collection, also bought some booster packs till now from @smartsteem, and also some particular cards from the sm market.

..Always saving up some steem to buy booster packs and summoners!

Already my death and fire summoners was of level 3 and I have also made my life, earth of level 4.

But yesterday, I have made my water level 5!

So, They are now more powerful and can summon upgraded monsters.

Only I didn't upgrade Daria coz I don't have many dragon cards yet.


For this time, It was a life splinter 5 ranked match win quest and without taking a sweat, I finished those 5 wins and here are my quest reward cards! But it was not that hard for me to win 5 matches as I am doing good enough with my level 3 Lord and other life cards!

Now look what I have got!


Yes, there are the 6 cards that I got from the quest. Among them, Sea Genie is my favourite from the rewards. An exceptional magic card for back position I would say!

So here you can see my last quest reward cards! I really like my reward this time but looking for more!

I will try to increase my deck ASAP.

Until then, let us all enjoy @steemmonsters at it's best!

Hope you liked my post... 😅

Don't forget! Feel free to express your feelings about this post!

Thank you for visiting!!

You are awesome!

If you like my post, please upvote, resteem and leave a comment. You can follow me for more interesting facts and photography posts! 😃

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