The new CyberBank 2077 game, may be the most powerful role-playing game for the current and next generation

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CyberBank 2077 sits confidently on the throne of the awaited games because it deserves it, as we have seen, especially after the presentation of the new gameplay that showed us the characteristics of role-playing games. Like my impressions of the game last year, what I saw this year made me want more. CD Projec Red knows how to build enthusiasm for players, although the quality of their games themselves is enough to do so. Without going further, let's talk about Cyber ​​Bank 2077, Night City and Pacifica.

The gameplay view you can see above takes us on a trip to an area called Pasavica in the world of Night City. This area was once a tourist destination for anyone visiting the city and contains towers and landmarks, but now this area has become for the poor and has become an unsafe area that does not skip the companies and the police even. So you might wonder, why are we in it originally?

Well, we simply have work to do. After talking to the ghost (or digital version) Johnny Silverhand played by the famous actor Keanu Reeves we will need to communicate with the leader of the gang called Voodo Boys. It is this gang that runs things in Pasavica and keeps it stable, but there is something else. Another gang called Animals took part of the land of Voodoo Boys. This gang is called animals because of their huge bodies and strength, they use any possible tool to increase the strength of their muscles. But the question remains, why did they acquire this area? - That's exactly what you should know.


During the presentation of the gameplay, the development team showed how we can progress to each stage in a different way. We have also seen the great amount of customization that will make the game one of the most powerful role-playing games (RPG) where you will be able to create your character the way you want and you have complete freedom to choose the skills you want in addition to the possibility of developing the capabilities and adding new abilities as you want without any restriction to a specific system or a system of classes (classes). Each command you specialize will affect your choices and the way you progress in stages.

In the show we first saw the main character in as she sneaked into the building from behind instead of breaking into the main door and killing everyone. In the presentation we saw how we can use each command in our surroundings based on our capabilities we have dedicated and developed.This will facilitate a lot of things, for example you can turn off security cameras and you can make noise to distract enemies standing in your way. For example, you can force the vending machine to quickly launch drinks on the ground or, for example, you can hack a boxing robot to make it at the strongest level in order to kill the person in front of it, which will also cause great distraction. There are many things like eavesdropping on enemies and who knows what is there, the options seem limitless.

Even if the character relies on stealth and infiltration, it will still be strong in combat as well. There is a nanowire which, in my opinion, may be one of the most powerful weapons that allows you to penetrate the brains of the enemies as well as the network belonging to the entire character and will be able to destroy them or turn their bodies against them, but to do so must not be monitored or this plan will not work.


Do you not want to bother yourself with all that trouble (penetration, concealment, distraction) and want to use powers? Do not worry all you have to do is improve your arms and open a huge iron door and follow this path and kill everyone who stands in front of you. There is no doubt that the game Cyber ​​Bank 2077 contains a lot of violence and is not afraid to show viscera and contains a lot of powerful weapons that you can buy or even remove them from the automatic defense machines (turrets).

Fighting is really great in the game, especially when you are sliding on the ground and using your advanced technical forces in addition to heavy weapons or close combat by hands. As you develop your combat and arm strength as mentioned above you will also be able to use enemies as human shields, which protects you from bullets as you progress.It is really fun to be able to use your surroundings to advance the way you want.This makes me excited about CyberBank 2077 more and more.

The story will offer you many options as well.You will be able to follow the orders of the Voodoo Boys gang, or you can instead stand with the Netwatch client who was keeping the animals ring in place, or you can make the exact opposite decisions.It is up to you. In the end this is your cyber bank, these are your rules.

The graphics and details of the game were undoubtedly amazing and even great, but so far I do not know how the current generation devices, especially the first versions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to run without technical problems. I know that CD Project Red focuses on this, but in the game clips we saw Night City live and we saw the amount of things that get on the screen as you drive quickly on your bike. It is really interesting to see how it will be presented to the current generation because it looks like a game for the next generation.


and as you explore the game world, you will not be stopped by the download screens because they are not completely in the game, which is great. In the game there will be quick travel points as expected but the developer says he enjoys it a lot when he plays music on his vehicle and touring City, I really don't blame him because when I see the world all I want is to walk around with absolute freedom. In a previous interview with the developers, they said they also designed the world to be full of details because they wanted players to see different scenes as they toured the world.

For me, I am anxiously awaiting the Cyber ​​Bank 2077 and what I saw yesterday has certainly increased my enthusiasm, especially the amount of freedom you will offer from creating your character's shape (which will often take me a lot of time) to choose skills, abilities, and an evolution story that changes the style of play. As a human being hesitant about many things this will make me play the game several times because to complete it may need to be repeated five or more times.

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