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Red Dead Redemption 2 exceeds 25 million and GTA5 continues to break the numbers


There is no doubt that the last ten years of Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two is one of the most successful stages that have passed through, especially with the great success achieved by the two most important titles, namely Red Dead Redemption 2, which did not complete its first year and game GTA5, which is still competing the largest titles despite More than 6 years have passed since its launch.

Today, Take-Two revealed during the quarterly investor sessions more figures on the sales of its games and according to CEO Stroz Zelenig.Red Dead Redemption 2 game has been able to ship more than 25 million copies around the world since its release in October last year 2018 while able GTA5 has broken 110 million copies so far.

Many analysts are expecting the success of Red Dead Redemption 2 to soon announce the PC version, which some believe will boost sales of the game, especially with the anticipation of the game enthusiasts on the PC. Silent about it.

Rockstar is now preparing to launch the massive Red Dead Redemption 2 summer update, which will bring more challenges and changes in gameplay, including a system of specialized characters that will set the player from the beginning and begin to form his character based on the basic factors that have been prepared for them. So far, 3 specialties have been detected.

The game GTA Online has recently obtained the update of the casino, which succeeded in bringing more than one million players at once to break all the records achieved by the game regarding the pool of players and the update still offers a lot of challenges and phases of the new game for players,

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game will get a review of the story mode very soon


Infinity Ward announced that the development of the story in the game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be the focus of the studio, which will highlight the real wars that are taking place in the present time we have seen a film show is the first in which the disclosure of the game and we have seen two girls Brass As the first person to come back from the series, you can watch the show above.

After that, just a few days ago the phase of online was revealed and we learned a lot of exciting information that will make all the fans of online phase in the series waiting for the game on the hottest of embers, especially with a new design of maps and support more players, some 20 against 20 and Soon we will see online mode that supports up to 100 players,

Now we go back to the stage of the story, which is still secret and has not been revealed so far and this prompted one of the followers on Twitter to ask a question to Tyler Kursaki, the novelist of the game about whether there is an intention to reveal a review of the play style of the story was Tyler's response is quick and short and "it will be done very soon".

The followers always take advantage of the opportunities and once they got a response from Tyler another question was asked whether we would see other well-known characters in the series like Sob, Just, Jazz, and Roach. Tyler's response was also quick, saying "yes"

So in the coming days we will have a date with a new round of suspense to reveal the first review of the gameplay of the story phase, which we expect to be during the Gamescom 2019, which will start on August 20, almost two weeks after today and is the most appropriate time to reveal more details About the game unless it happens beforehand.

It is worth mentioning that Infinity Ward reviewed the story stage in front of a number of media last month where they were able to experience the game through the perspective of two figures, one of them rebels and the other of the special forces. From the perspective of more than a different personality.

Game of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released on Playstation 4, Xbox and Personal Computer on October 25.

Game Journey surprisingly released on the system IOS ..


That Game Company and Annapurna Interactive suddenly launched their successful Journey today on IOS systems. You can buy them now from the app store for $ 5. If you want to try out the team mode and play the game with your friend or a random player you will need the Game Center.

Journey takes place in a world covered in sand and mysterious monuments. Players must explore this world and its picturesque nature, you can do it yourself or with a friend. The game really has graphics that bring you comfort and excellent music, I strongly recommend it especially the game is distinctive in style.

Journey was first released in 2012 on the previous generation exclusively on PlayStation 3 and then on PlayStation 4. Recently, the game returned to news headlines with the launch of the PC for the first time on the IPIC store. You can try other development team games like Flower from the Steam Store. You can also try the latest released Sky: Children of the Light title on iOS.

The game is really fun and one of the best games released, with a rating of 93 percent from 32 different ratings. If you haven't tried it yet, I think that's the right opportunity.

Source: GTA 6 may be delayed due to ongoing online game success!


In a report published by the site called Express where it revealed the possibility of postponing the launch of the game GTA 6 highly anticipated by the players and the reason that may work to postpone the game is the online game GTA 5, which has seen a huge turnout in the recent period.

GTA 6 is one of the games that Rockstar fans began to claim after the spread of dozens of rumors in the recent period, which is likely to launch the game in the coming years between 2020 and 2023, especially as many sources have confirmed that the events of the next game of the series The beloved may return players to the 1980s and the popular Liberty City map.

In the report published by the site mentioned that the reason for the postponement of the game GTA 6 is due to the success of the online game in the game GTA 5, for which Rockstar announced the largest mass turnout in the history of the game since its launch in 2013 and the first reason was of course update the casino Diamond, which returned to the game A very large part of their fans.

This is in endorsement of the report we have published in previous news that the game GTA 5, especially the development of its online has increased the value of profits of Take Two publisher of games company Rockstar, also announced the arrival of sales of the game Red Dead Redemption 2 to about 25 million copies sold, details More here ..

The question to ask here is, is the launch of GTA 6 really postponed due to GTA 5, and will the last game be supported in the next five years with exciting and beautiful content for the online phase that will impress the players as it was with the recent casino update in return gives Rockstar a field Bigger for the game by launching another title such as Bully 2 for example and delay the launch of the game GTA 6 to get more time to support online GTA 5 and all the more money ..!

Kojima and Death Stranding will be at Gamescom 2019


It will start almost two weeks from now the famous Gamescom 2019 event for the European region, this annual event where we will see announcements for major companies including the titles of Microsoft, EA and Sony in particular, and that the game Death Stranding will be present at the event.

This news came from the official account provider Jeff Kelly on Twitter where he announced the companies that will be present at the upcoming Gamescom 2019 event including the above companies along with 12 other companies as we see the tweet below.

It is confirmed that the next game developer Hideo Kojima and exclusive for the PlayStation Death Stranding will be present in the event mentioned a new and exclusive so that the developer itself will be located directly behind the cameras and in front of viewers and of course we know the depth of friendship between Kojima and Jeff Kelly so we expect that New information is revealed for the first time during the dialogue sessions that will take place in the exhibition.

As for Microsoft and its Xbox gaming division, the newly announced studios will be present to reveal new titles for the current and next generation.

The Gamescom 2019 event will kick off from the German city of Cologne on August 20 and will last for five days and will conclude on the 24th of the same month.

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That's funny, because I've always described red Dead redemption as Grand theft Auto on horseback lol.

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