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General information

Game name: 7554
Category: FPS
Manufactured by: EMOBI GAMES
Publisher: EMOBI GAMES
Release date: 16/12/2012

7554 is a game which is designed as the first-person shooter video game by the Emobi Games Company. This game was set in the historical context of the resistance war against the French colonialists at the duration of 1946-1954. The name of the game was taken from the 7th of May 1954, the day when the French colonial army in Dien Bien Phu surrendered to the People's Army of Vietnam. This hase been the first graphics game ever to be developed and released in Vietnam. The game was officially released on December 16, 2011.

Overall view: The game places players in the hands of the Vietnamese People's Army fighting in the fierce battles of the Indochina War and reflects the perspective of the Vietnamese soldiers in that war.


As a first-person shooter game, 7554 supposes a player into the perspective of a soldier who will fight in battle. The game will provide pointers displayed on the screen so players can easily reach the location to complete the quest.

The combatant will be able to carry two guns for combat as well as carry additional grenades and daggers for melee. Players can replace guns with other guns found on the battlefield. Shooting with the flywheel will increase the accuracy of the gun, but will reduce the speed of movement. The game does not display the blood bar, but when hit, the display will change to another level similar to the character's injury.



Because the focus is on simulating a wide-field with bullet holes, there will often be teammates who will support players, not fight alone. Using shielding points against enemy fire is mandatory, as well as th teammates who can shoot overwhelm the enemy when convenient or vice versa.

7554 is set in Vietnam in the years of 1946-1954, beginning with the National Day of resistance 1946, and ending with the victory of Dien Bien Phu. 7554 builds a fictional story but uses real events and stories in history. These are famous battles or associated with heroic characters. The historical elements in the game are not distorted or falsified, but inevitably minor flaws.

Including four Viet Minh soldiers in Dien Bien Phu Campaign: Luu Trong Ha; Nguyen The Vinh; Hoàng Dang Binh; Hoàng Dang An and Hoàng Dang Binh's younger brother.

This project was started by Emobi Games studio, a Vietnamese company in October 2008.


Probably beyond the real element, respect for history, the 7554 single player does not have much to say. Game also no play network because in Vietnam, people do not accept the shot into their own compatriots. Although this is due to objective conditions are not allowed, but with the linear single player, does not own the network play has made the game's replay value significantly reduced, this can be considered a big minus point


With a wealth of weapons and resources added to the game, players will have more choices in dealing with situations they face up with. Manufacturers also pay close attention to the balance between the types of weapons: fast machine guns, multiple bullets but lack precision and weak damage while weapons like crossbow are capable of "one shot one kill” at all distances with slower launching speed and small amount of shots.


The design of the game is constantly changing, sometimes you fight the enemy in a forest but you might also have to confront them directly in a dangerous system of danger. In terms of difficulty, it is really rare to shoot in the world with 7554, AI opponents shot extremely accurate with the principle "whether you shoot them from anywhere, they can also hit you back". Even with the easy mode, you can not be the hero of the fight to defeat the enemy at the same time 4.5, while the lack of ammunition also occurs constantly and requires the ability to headshot that you must be very good at.


The combat system of the game also provides you with melee weapons and melee attacks every time you have nothing to shoot. But don’t lose your hope, because no matter how you choose melee in any way, it is not. Can win the hand with the enemy. In spite of the AI, the AI ​​team seems to be more dulled by the constant sacrifices and skirmishes, even at times robbing the players of the game. It sounds like the manufacturer is pushing players into the same line, but the good thing is to stretch the hard screen with each other, each screen only hard to spot if you pass it will be quite comfortable. to the front. Producers know how to soothe a player's agility because of the game's difficulty in putting in the details that can satisfy the player. For example, slow motion will take the camera through the bullet until it hits the target when you headshot the enemy with a sniper; Or as you "look" the plane crashed crashed by the crashed guns hit you, ...

This makes us always enjoy the feeling of victory fully, 12 levels will play your emotions to many different levels that after completing the game you will again want to challenge a few more times. Sure, you will not be able to get past the game countless times and you know you can do something better than before.


Carry on with the Vision Engine 8 - a high-end mid-range engine, the graphics are quite good game with a careful investment of manufacturers so they are very detailed and almost the engine has been utilized. Maximum power that it has. From an early sun-drenched setting with rows of green trees to a rainy afternoon, or a flaming afternoon, all of them have their own distinct beauty that makes you feel like space all around you as well as changing in time. details in the game. Various weapons designs, detailed design of both sides did not disappoint the players. Like the visuals, the manufacturer is also trying to bring the most motion to the game with motion-capture technology but the results are not really good. The facial expressions are not expressing the emotions of the character is what is shown most clearly, besides the movement and replacement of bullets is still simple, not really smooth.


Emobi Games has hired a dedicated staff to handle the soundtrack and voice acting in the game. The background music, epitomized by the national team made the game does not disappoint the players, the voice also shows a great improvement over the general level in Vietnam but not there must be no gore; Many dubbed dramas are unnatural or express emotions that need to be expressed in that situation. We can understand this because this is the first offline game of Emobi as well as of Vietnam


With a debut of a fledgling studio, in a country with poor development of game like Vietnam, this really made a big leap. 7554 is worthy of you to spend your time enjoying.
Advantages: Gameplay is quite challenging, stressful. The surroundings are carefully cared for, successfully reproducing the historical part.

Disadvantages: There are still many technical errors that are easy to see, linear, not tight in content, team AI AI slightly.


✅More than a game - It’s the history (Some unspoken stories about 7554)

In the fighters to capture Do Cat, there is a man named Hoang Dang Vinh, he is still alive, in Ho Chi Minh City, is a colonel. His name is the inspiration for the two names of Hoang Dang Binh, Hoang Dang An.
The name is Luu Trong Ha, who was inspired by the name of a man named Luu Trong Lan. He was an officer of d383, e367, f351. He is currently living in Bac Ninh.

Many characters appear in 7554 using the face of studio members, even names. Example: Team Leader Thung, take the face of programmer Truong Xuan Thung. Characters fighting with Binh at Gia Lam Airport also use the face of Le Tran Thanh, programmer. Other characters use the faces of Nguyen Ngoc Duong, Nguyen Tien Dung, Nguyen Huy Hoang, Tran Van Dung.

Ironically, characters with faces like Tran Van Dung (the main AI programmer) are often dressed up by the game designer for characters who have been hurt or sacrificed, -).
The reason for this is that setting up a face without a specific reference will be quite painful, and it is easy to miss the Vietnamese character.
The most informant of the Dong Khe battle for the studio was Dang Van Viet, a gray lobster 4 years ago, and the direct commander of the 174th regiment hit Dong Khe on that day.

7554 is a game where the trailers ... appear many scenes later in the game without it, they simply have to cut off, because it is not suitable for the script or ... so bad. For example, the first trailer, no longer any, the scene is mostly on the other side of Dong Khe hill or Dong Khe Hill. Later on, the entire script in the area beyond the hill and the East Khe is removed. The houses in the quarter, the Merchants are rearranged.

At Trailer Techdemo, the scene in the Muong Thanh mound with the rain has also been changed.
At the Official Trailer, the first scene of the car, which is a cutscene for the Iron Chan, but later, the studio remade the entire cutscene, because the old cutscene ... so harsh, and that scene is no longer. (Maybe still .... :-))

If you want to play, please watch the video below to try out:

Picture source used: https://www.facebook.com/Game7554/
Thank you for watching my post. Have fun playing games!

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