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Today I will be playing Super Mario World live on I will be playing this game fast & what I mean by fast is I will be speedrunning the game in 2 different categories. The first category is 11 Exits and is the minimum amount of exits you need to beat the game without doing a credits warp glitch. Second I will be doing some All Castles runs. All Castles has basically the best parts of the game possible while eliminating a lot of the boring cape over levels the complete game run has(96 exits)in a somewhat shorter speedrun taking between 35-45 minutes on average.

My Best Times

Super Mario World - 11 Exits (glitchless) 11:11.01
Super Mario World - All Castles: 40:20.12

Click Here for My Live Gaming Stream

I will be playing this game on all original hardware. Yes that's right I am playing on a Super Nintendo Entertainment System :D
Feel free to come join me and chat. I will be live for a few hours. You have to sign up to chat this is to prevent spammers and trolls from dominating chat so please sign up & follow me for future gaming streamssuper-mario-world-ending.png

Don't worry if you miss the live stream, I will be posting a replay video in the comments below.

Click Here for My Live Gaming Stream

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Here is a recording of the stream. Thanks for stopping by :D Click here to watch a rebroadcast of the stream

Awesome post about old mario games. I loved playing Mario on super NES.

Old school! Good stuff!

Nice post, pal. I love retro games and retro gaming. Specially Mario Bross. Thanks a lot.


Thanks. stop by the stream sometime :)