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Hello Fellow Steemians!

Welcome back to my new Post @khalilmuza.
As usual, we will discuss the game is very famous, almost played all the people of Indonesia that is Mobile Legends.

Today I will tell you a bit of life journey, build and trick tips using Bruno. Bruno is a Hero Marksman who has the ability like a footballer. Bruno will attack the opposing Hero like a football player. I really like the ability of Ultimately. When the enemy Hero is close together, the ball of the Bruno Hero will bounce off the enemy of another enemy, until they die. If they want to get rid of the death they must run away from Bruno's Ultimate Ball.

But, other than that Bruno also has the advantage to catch the opponent or run from the enemy using the ability Flying Tackle, so you no longer need to use Flicker. this Flying Tackle ability will make Slide tackle in the direction of wanted Bruno if the enemy Hero will stun for 1 second. Bruno is a Marksman hero who has a stun, which is almost the same as Moskov.

Flying Tackle will greatly benefit Bruno during a one-on-one match. For a spell I recommend using Inspire, for Bruno juggle is included fast, it's more need Inspire to increase Attack Speed.

Bruno belongs to the Marksman hero class, so early in the game, you can take the center of the lane by yourself. Focus on killing enemy minions, then go straight to the right and to the left of the forest to kill monsters, in order to get EXP and Gold faster to buy the necessary items. In the middle of the game, it is important to play safely. Understand your role, because as Marskman you do not have a high HP like Hero Tank, so take advantage of long-range ranges and attack enemies from a distance.


Bruno is a football player Born in a very shabby area, Bruno will always be weaker than other kids of his age, but this does not prevent him from succeeding. One day there was a terrible incident, Bruno was forced to lose both legs while trying to save a friend, this Bruno almost gave up to live. But the Learned men of Eruditio heard the story and felt sorry and admiration for their courage, they used the most advanced technology to create a new pair of feet for Bruno.

When Bruno could stand with his legs again, he was surprised that his feet could do such a remarkable thing that the mechanical foot allowed him to run like a breeze. to express his gratitude, Bruno vows to always protect the City Scholars despite his stakes. Eruditio then made a ball of energy weapons that would work with mechanical feet, and from that day anyone who tried to attack the citizens of Eruditio would face Bruno. The Eruditians called him the Protector.

My latest breakthrough in Mobile Legend:

Marksman Bruno Ability

Mecha Legs
Whenever a skill causes a Damage, Bruno raises a 4 percent chance of a Crit attack, stacked up to 5 times.

Volley Shot
Cooldown: 10.0
Mana Cost: 80
Bruno kicked a ball of biased energy at a certain target, earning 200 points from Physical Damage and slowing the 60 percent target. Bruno and his teammates can take the energy ball to reduce this cooldown skill.

Flying Tackle
Cooldown: 7.0
Mana Cost: 60
Bruno creates a front de-tackle slide, stuns enemy units, generates 140 points from Physical Damage and adds Movement Speed ​​himself.

World Wave
Cooldown: 38.0
Mana Cost: 140
Bruno will kick the energy ball filled with energy into a certain Hero, generate 250 points from Physical Damage, hit the target backward and weaken 3 points of enemy armor. After that, the energy ball will bounce between the enemy Hero, reduction of armor effect for 8 seconds, stacked up to 3 times.

Attribute Bruno

Movement: 240
Physical Attack: 116
Armor: 17
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2522
Mana: 439
Attack Speed: 0.85
HP Regen: 30
Mana Regen: 15

Build Items

-Berseker's Fury-
Berserker's Fury.jpeg
Berseker's Fury is a must-buy item. This item will give you greater damage. So make Bruno attack more deadly. And this is the right item to improve its ability.

-Swift Boots-
Swift Boots.jpeg
This one shoe item is perfect for building Bruno's Speed ​​Attack. Because Swift Boots can increase the speed of motion while increasing Bruno attack speed. So you can attack the enemy faster.

-Scarlet Phantom-
Scarlet Phantom.jpeg
The next item is Scarlet Phantom. This item will help you in increasing attack speed and critical attack of Hero so that you have a chance to produce bigger Damage.

-Haas's Claws-
Haas's Claws.jpeg
Haas's Claws is a very useful item for carrying heroes like Bruno. Haas's Claws not only increase attacks alone, however, it can keep HP Hero safe. That way you have a great chance to win in a 1v1 fight because Bruno will get an extra Lifesteal.

-Blade of Despair-
Blade of Despair.jpeg
Blade of Despair will increase Bruno's attack ability, especially Flying Tackle. Because this item will provide additional damage in any abnormal attack, one of which attacks can produce stun.

-Malefic Roar-
Malefic Roar.jpeg
The last item is Malefic Roar. This item will inflict enormous damage on enemies, even if enemies use armor. That way Bruno will still provide a deadly attack at the end of the fight.

So that's a little explanation of Bruno, May be useful for those of you who want to buy or use Bruno. See you next time!

Thank You & Best Regard @khalilmuza

Hey guys, I just would like to Thank you all for supporting me :)

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I player Marksman and Bruno one of my favorite heroes :D


Yup, me to, apalagi kalo kena sleding sama Bruno, selesai sudah haha, ayuk mabar sekali kali.


ayuck kk Add id saya : 120178567


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