Classiq II HD can play NES + SNES in HD!!

in #gaming4 years ago

I had the chance to check a clone system that has the ability to play both Nintendo and Super Nintendo games.


I love this system!

I love that you love this system!

Dude this is pretty cool

a very nice console.

Pffft no Bandai Wonderswan abilities though? Please.

I'm hoping that's in the next model. And Neo Geo Pocket.

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I love the old systems, I grew up playing the Atari in the 70's then went on to commodore 64, then to Sega mega drive and beyond, the commodore was the best out of the lot, as it got us all writing our own code and games and I still have one to this day, along with a Sinclair zx spectrum, 2 play station one's a ps2 etc etc.

I waffle back and forth with these clone retro console. As someone who is always trying to find an easy and more convenient way to take quality screens of my older games these are great and sometimes cheaper than modding. It also allows me to use the actual carts I have in my collection instead of emulating them.

But then I'm always wary of the build of the hardware itself and miss the feeling of actually playing on the actual console. This does look interesting though and I may need to check it out for myself.

Would you prefer to see these multisystem clone consoles or would you prefer them to focus on a single system?

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