ELITE II Bagpipe!

in #gaming2 months ago

I've been really saving up for this for weeks and finally I was able to promote my only level 6-star VANGUARD operator today, my 6-star BAGPIPE. Woohoo!


Promoting a character especially to the next level is not at all an easy feat with the required LXD to start at a whooping 180,000!!!

Of course LXD is easily farmable at the Supply stages (only open 3-4 days a week) but the maximum one could get is only 7,500 LXD every 30 Sanity consumption. Quite easy to do if there is no ongoing event that one has to put sanity resources into but if there is one most players opt to do the event ones instead of farming LXD's.

Not to mention the next ingredient needed which is a VANGUARD DUALCHIP which one can only get at workshop after farming at the CHIP SUPPLY stages again at 35 SANITY consumption with only 50/50 chance of either getting a SUPPORT CHIP or a VANGUARD CHIP. 2 VANGUARD CHIPS and the SHOP-or-EVENT exclusive catalyst item is needed to make 1 VANGUARD DUALCHIP. That's a lot of SANITIES needed just to make 4!


Anyways, after a long time I was finally able to have enough resources needed to promote her. As for her skills, it's actually very dope!


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