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in gaming •  2 years ago

Guy's this is not just a game... It's a life experience.. 

(Listen to this song as you read this please.. ^.^)  (


Hey guys long time no talk!! Itachi here~ I've been very busy with life and many things are moving towards a hopeful bright path.  I am going to start working full time soon and have been doing a lot of prepping to be in full takeover mode once I begin this upcoming month...  However, considering that gaming is one of my big passions in life, I can always make some time for it on my free time, especially if its exceptional.. Something, truly as exceptional like Undertale. ;)

What initially attracted me to Undertale was the soundtrack that I heard in one of my favorite twitch streamer's outro videos on Youtube.  As I listened to the song, I noticed that there was a somewhat dark undertone.  Also with a name like Snowy, I assumed that there was some form of sadness attached to the game.  I am a huge sucker for dark, and sad undertoned games such as Zelda, Majora's Mask which I found many similarities with by the way! 

If you guys are a fan of that game, You MUST check this one out!! Moving on...  Inspired and curious I decided to look the game up on Google.. Much to my surprise it had an overwhelming amount of Positive reviews and seemed to have a large cult following.  I decided to torrent the game off Piratebay... Regrettably, now that I've played it I seriously wish I had just bought the game off Steam.. I still might. Shout out to the creator, Toby Fox for creating such a beautiful game that will definitely stay in my top 5 of all time favorite games... 

After experiencing the game for a while I noticed that after the first combat sequence, I thought it was going to be like Pokemon battles, where each player has one turn to attack.. However, I noticed that there was an "Act" button where instead of fighting you can resort to resolving in a pacifist outcome which I highly recommend and an option to kill which i highly do NOT recommend ;).  

There are also many puzzles and easter eggs within the game that make it that much more refreshing to play. Once again, I can NOT emphasize how amazing this soundtrack really is... I unashamedly saved 4 to 5 songs on my Spotify playlist ;).  (Which I can prove below LOL!)

Yes, the graphics can be considered offputting to some of you and a turn-off.  However, I ask you to have a "don't judge a book by its cover" approach to this game.  Rather for me it was very nostalgic and brought me back to the days when I was a child playing with these graphics. Heh heh... 

In conclusion.. Well I don't want to say too much without spoiling the game.  Please check this game out as I believe that it restored a lot energy within me if that makes sense.. The game had humor and stirred many emotions within me.. How can a game like this have so much influence you ask? I believe that's something that you yourself should find out. ;) This game was refreshing for the SOUL... I feel once again invigorated in life for experiencing something so beautiful! I know I must sound naggy at this point but I wouldnt be hammering it so hard if it wasn't THIS good!! Anyways guys, hope I brought something of value to you guys!! As always, thanks for reading this guys and I would appreciate any upvote or comments!! Itachi out~

OVERALL RATING: 10/10!! - Life Changing~

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I watched pewdiepies let´s play and even I wasn´t a fan of him back then, I finished the series, because the game is so good...the soundtrack is just awesome and its free ( https://archive.org/details/UndertaleOST)


Awesome Freshness!! Thanks for leaving the link :) Let's spread the news of this game to friends who will appreciate it ;)

God. This game.

I tried to get into this fandom back when it was still new - I was gonna watch a letsplayer I liked that I hadn't watched in a while play it.


To this day, I say: No you fucking don't, it's not THAT big of a deal, even if it is a really cool game.

But I kept having to put off playing it because of school and trying to find a good place to record - because oh, it's a popular game and my bro wanted to do a lets play of it.

And insisted on recording the audio and video separate. And our playthrough still hasn't been uploaded anywhere.


This game was borderline triggering for me until I finally beat it.

That... that ending though ; - ;)

I was going to do a genocide playthrough because everyone else seemed to be doing pacifist... but my bro, who was trying to keep me spoiler-free the whole time, did let me know that doing that was totally irreversible... so I wound up doing a pacifist, thinking I'd do the genocide afterwards.

I still can't bring myself to do a genocide run ; - ;) I haven't even been able to bring myself to watch a genocide run lol.

Bluhhhh, sorry I'm rambling - I hardly see fandoms I'm into here on Steemit tho lol.


Thanks for the reply! I mean for me the important thing is always Soundtrack... When I hear good songs I can almost guarantee that the game itself is great.... it's like a law or something hahha! But yeah I can't do the genocide either now that I've done the pacifist run.... My boy sans will be smiling for the rest of his days :D


Ehhhhhh Idk. Pretty much ALL Sonic games have an AMAZING soundtrack, but not all of them are that great of games LMAO

Also Jet Set Radio. I rather like the OST, but.... Man, even though I really like that game, the save mechanic... I can't get over it oeL

I can't go back to previous levels? AND THEN IT RESETS MY GAME WHEN I BEAT IT?? UGH


Huhu the character I really like in UT is actually... The God of Hyperdeath himself LOL, Asriel :3c
(Honestly don't like Sans that much. He's freaking scary LMAO)
(Even in Pacifist..... When you're at the resteraunt.... /shivers/)


very observant! but that is exactly why I like him... he's multi-faceted and probably the most complex chara in the game ;) he reminds me a bit of myself LOL. Though we disagree on certain matters I still love the different perspective! ;)

The amount of times I've watched Let's Play's of this game is not humane
Keep Steemin'!

Heard so much about the game but never tried it either. I was thinking of getting it off of piratebay too 🤔


Naysayer if you do not have the funds then that is def the best option!! But if you do have the funds I would def just buy it from Steam!! The game is absolutely amazing I am jealous that you get to experience it for the first time!

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Yeeees another Undertale fan!! I love this game! :D