Crossout(Game Review)

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Crossout is a multiplayer online battle arena where you fight as vehicles that you yourself have built before the match. The game focuses on the building experience and how that incorporates into the game itself. I have to say they have done a good job, it works flawlessly. I myself have played the game enough to understand how it works and even gotten a few upgrades on my vehicles.

I have to say that gameplay wise Crossout is very good the mechanics feel smooth and the combat is fantastic. At no point did I feel like my vehicle was underpowered or completely useless. You could compare it to WoT(World of Tanks) if you really wanted to because there are a lot of similarities between the two games. Crossout, however, gives you more customizability compared to WoT. And yes you can build whatever suits your taste from a hippy van with a rocket launcher on top, to a completely useless cube on wheels with no guns. That's up to you though...

Crossout is officially available on Steam for a whopping total of 0$. But like all games that are free and are somewhat like WoT, they also do provide micro transactions which could relieve you of a headache when having to level up for that new weapon unlock. Then again that really doesn't affect me because I usually don't spend money on games, except if It's League of Legends or a game that I really like, but that isn't free to play.

This is a new sort of review format, where I basically tried to compile my thoughts in a shorter post.

If you enjoyed reading or have any suggestions for the next game I should review leave it in the comments
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yeah... such dynamic game... the idea of creating your own cars and tesing them in battle is marvelous... good review...