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RE: Gaming Channel Highlights and Preview - Harbinger50

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How old? Some of my very first videos were playing Betrayal at Krondor. I need to get back to that one. I've also got Soul Calibur on Dreamcast and Legacy of Kain- Soul Reaver but haven't finished that one. I've had some mixed results on getting older games from Tried loading old Knights of the Republic but it kept crashing during character creation. One goal, though, is to hook up an old Commodore 64 that my buddy has if we can figure out how to hook up that old ass connection to some current capture card. If we can't figure that out, I might just go with pointing a camera at a monitor and my sound recorder next to the computer to pickup that amazing sound from back in the day, disk drive reading included haha.


Hah, as in older i personally usually think of some late 90s early 00s, but a C64 would surpass all my expectations, that one should be super fun to watch! Legacy of Kain- Soul Reaver would hit the sweet spot

Soul Reaver drives me crazy because I don't play it enough to remember the different parts of the world and am always getting turned around haha. Think the last video I did for that I got "lost" in a town looking area that was a street "square path" around a building that seemed to have no entrance... plus I'm one to NOT look up things on gameFAQs, trying to figure it out on my own, but some things . . . ugh. haha