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RE: A trip back to 2002 in gaming history (Part 2)

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I probably played Tekken 4 at some point because I had friends that were really into that one that I would go hang out with and play with. Now Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 . . . that game was awesome. A roommate and I played through that whole thing and unlocked all the cars and tracks. The "combat" between racers and cops was great! And the radio calls from the cops back to "headquarters" were hilarious because they would many times blatantly contradict what had just happened, almost as if the cop making the call was trying to cover for his screw up haha. Loved that game... except for the one point where I'd been playing so much that one day I was driving down the road, saw some orange barrels for road work, and had the sudden thought pop in to my head of "Shortcut!" I didn't go for it, but just the fact that my first instinct at seeing the barrels was to turn their direction and smash through was a little bizarre lol.