Minefield - Game 35 - Day 14 (Mar. 7, 2019)

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I'm now up to 68.8653 BNTY (in only 2 weeks)

for reading articles published on PublishOx and tipping the authors with tokens I don't own! You can tip only once every 10 minutes to different authors and once per 24 hours to the same author. There is a slider where you choose to split the tip anywhere from 80% for you and 20% for the author, to 0% for you and 100% for the author. No need to have SP nor RC on this platform, and I didn't have to write nor post anything! Just read and tip using the slider to determine the split. I could apply to become an author, but I think I have enough to do on this site already, so I'll pass on that for now. Let's see how much income that referral link I posted above will get me. BTW, joining from the referral link won't cost you anything since the referral reward comes from the same magic wallet that pays the tips. Sounds pretty cool to me!

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Airdrop coins!!!

Did you get your free airdrop ByteBalls yet? ($10 - $160 depending on your rank here in Steem)
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Objective: Collect one or more Steem token.

Players can see a spreadsheet with their inventory and health here:

ctrl + L-click OR R-click and choose to open in a new tab (these are the ONLY solutions I found for opening a new tab/window).

The Rules of this game can be found here:



Everyone who plays gets daily up-votes on their comments. (Delegating SP will increase the vote value! This is way superior to SBI, so a good investment for ROI).
Winners can also 3D-print their own "survival" token using this link.
Winners may claim their buttons by copying and pasting the following code and proudly display them on their pages:


Daily roll for how far up row 1 moves:

Rolled 1. Row 1 moved up 1 space, killing P2.


You may wish to use the template below (copy, paste, edit).
### Player ()
Today's action:


Simplified Delegations to @happyme

Get votes roughly 10 times the value of your delegation. (I can vote twice if you exceed my VP.)
50 SP | 100 SP | 150 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP

Re-claim your delegation from @happyme
Remove delegation

For more options, read the comments section for a script you can use.

Don't forget, you can promote your own posts on the #happystream !


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Player 5 (2nd)

Today's action: Pick up coin - "duck and cover" throw up the shields.


LOL... the only way you would not have picked up that token would be if you missed playing. Good job!

With both tokens now taken, I guess that concludes our trial run and I can post up for the start of the real game tomorrow.

Player 4 (1st)

Today's action: Move west. I want to attack someone.

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