Fortnite Log [Aug 28, 2018]

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Straight Down the Right Sights

I’m feel’n the burn this week, making the most explicit gains since starting out this endeavor or becoming a consistently good Fortnite player. My KD (Kill Death Ratio) is easily 2-3 on average per game since a few days ago, building is more 2nd-nature, and I’m definitely at a higher confidence level as I approach fights with sharper intention and understanding. I’ve been wholly focused on engagements and that approach has led to much higher 1v1 win rate. I believe that I’m on track to smooth out my play over the next few weeks and try my hand at strategically looking for a win. But for now, I just want to get better at slay’n.

My focus this week will be on rare but recurring scenarios that I would be surviving if I kept my wits during these specific encounters. I’ve compiled a list of plays that I think are hard to envision without them appearing several times, and even harder to know what to do in those spots.

Niche Situations to Work on

  • Face-to-Face, Even-Level Firefights. These are likely to happen in early game with low mats and require some precision, especially without a TAC shotgun. This is the most frantic part that comes greatly down to luck, but I’m getting more used to building walls and using split seconds to line up the right weapons and shoot back. I’m going to try spamming walls to block clips until the enemy has to reload, which is the time I shoot back through the barrier. In the midst of a crazy firefight, the tiny bit of edge is crucial to outplaying the enemy.

  • Build Immediately After Shooting or Being Shot At. I’ve written this one several times, but it's proving to be the hardest impulse to absorb. This comes from more muscle memory than from reasoning, more of the trickiest habits to take up.

  • Fast Traps. I just need to get the muscle memory down of Right Paddle -> Square -> Square on an owned surface. In the middle of a slightly unfavorable or even fight, a seamless trap or bounce pad for high ground can be a life-preserving move.

Practice Makes Permanent Makes Perfect

As with any quest for skill and knowledge, the to-dos seem longer and more extensive the deeper you get into it. Much of that is happening now and marks one of the first points to really buckle down and improve on what has been learned so far.

A short one for this week as I hone in on fewer but more practice-worthy key points.

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