Overwatch Video - OMG!! You Will Not Believe What I Did With Winston's Ultimate...

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Hi thank you all for your support on my latest post I'm closer than ever to my 200 followers goal and I'm hoping this video helps tip me over.

I have been playing Overwatch a lot again and I'm desperately trying to get good with Winston the face of the game a giant gorilla.

It's taken sometime but I'm getting there and this current combo with Mercy and Reinhardt is really working.

The best part of the video comes as I pop my ultimate and proceed to smash the living hell out of the opposing team, I managed to do something pretty awesome to both Roadhog and Hanzo it happens quick so don't blink.

As always thank you for your continued support see the gifs below if you don't know what to do :)




Hi all, you are currently trending in the gaming category so I figured you my like my post. Some or you have been here before so thank you all for your support. If you haven't been here before then i hope you enjoy it and I hope people follow you because of this.

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I'm following you already. I think we should communicate on discord. Pls try and contact @jodipamungkas let him give us a valid invite link to discord gaming channel.

Winston's special ability is to push, I can never kill more than two with that ability.

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