Apex Legends - Players lose progression after 1.1. update launch

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Patch 1.1 was published not even an hour ago and people are already experiencing major errors

And I am not talking about in-game bugs ladies and gentleman.

As stated on reddit - and by my friends' experiences - lots of accounts got reset!
Level 1, no skins, no stats - nothing. Luckily the devs at Respawn were watching how the patch goes live and immediately responded to feedbacks. It seems to me that they shut the servers down so no more accounts can be hurt. Well... I mean. I don't think there is big harm caused and I am quite positive the accounts will be brought back to their original state.


We will see what happens, as of now I am unable to log in - however, lots of streamers are playing.

This is the newest update:

10:40am PST update: Until we have the issue resolved we recommend you do not buy or craft anything. We're working to give you folks an ETA.

The two posts you should follow:

Let me know if you have experienced some of these issues.
Let's hope for the best and that we get a fast repair.

Update 1: No more streamers online. Servers should be down globally
Update 2 : --> 2:00pm PST update: Fix is now live on all platforms. Everything is back on track!

Thank you for reading my article!

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Oh boy, thank you so much!

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Yaaay thanks again! You guys sure support me a lot :)

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Szeva! Discordon fent vagy? @gabbynhice#9820 ha igen majd irj ram. Bar meg most manilaban vagyok de kesobb lehet kerdeznek par dolgot.

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Mostanság nagyon el voltam havazva és nem annyira volt időm nézni a Steemitet - bocsi, hogy nem válaszoltam előbb.
Aha, fel is veszlek most discordra.
Jó nyaralást Manilában, már ha nyaralni vagy ott :)


Sajnos nem nyaralni😂 csalad. Most koltozunk haza majd. Mert kicsit nem jol alakultak a dolgok igy most egy idora haza megyunk.
Nem gond amugy en is el vagyok havazva picit csak majd kerdeznek kesobb ezt azt😁

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At least they caught it, right?

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Yeah, luckily they could fix this problem :)
Although, I have been experiencing some lobby issues recently, couldn't really team up with my friends because the invite system was heavily bugged.
Thanks for passing by!