The world's fastest PlayStation 5 and the most powerful Xbox

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Yesterday, surprisingly, Sony announced that it will be broadcast on the PS5, and the day before, Microsoft announced the specifications and control shield for the Xbox Series X

The live broadcast lasted about an hour and text. The shape or the DualShock 5 control shield, or even the price, was not shown, but the broadcast was based on the technical specifications that the device has. This is the opposite of what Xbox did, so it showed the shape of the device a long time ago, and it showed the control shield, but more clearly and updated the specifications and some important advantages


There is not much difference between the two devices, but each device is distinguished by something. I will start with the processor in the PlayStation 5 Huawei zen 2 8X 3.5Hz and they are the same processor in the Xbox Series X, but it differs in frequency, so zen 2 8X 3.8Hz beat Xbox in the processor.

Also in the GPU, Xbox overcame the power of the Xbox Series X, which is 12 TFLPOs, either in the PS5 by 10.30 TFLPOs. This is what I expected, but the PlayStation overcame speed and credit, and SSD returned, so it was newer at the PS5 with a capacity of 825G In Xbox, it came with an area of 1000G.


Now I will talk about the most important advantages of the PS5

  • PS5 supports game modes for PS4 and PS4 Pro devices with Backwards Compatibility feature, which allows you to play games with PS4 games


  • The speed of downloading and streaming or streaming games will be 10x better than the technology found in regular PS4 devices thanks to the SSD pieces in the device


  • The SSD in the PS5 is twice as fast as the PS4. The time it takes for the old PS4 to download a 1GB file is 20 second. As for the PS5, the time is: 0.27 seconds


Thus, the differences between them are almost insignificant - and you will not likely feel them. And I think Al-Faisal is pricing these two devices


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