The most prominent global PlayStation Studios and their PS5 projects

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In this article I will talk about Sony Studios. I have seen the time to talk to studios because this year the new generation of Playstation will be released. And I'm going to do an overview of them and talk about their upcoming games for the next generation.

Santa Monica Games


I will start first with the most important studio owned by Sony in relation to my DIY and the American Santa Monica, which is composed of more than 200 employees. In the latest news for them that they need new employees and, according to what they want, they will work on a sequel to the game of God of War, and this is what the director said that the story is not over yet. The problem with the studio is the slow process of development, especially the development of the last part, which took up a five-year development period, and I expect that the next part will be released in 2022, which is what I expect, and this is a personal diligence. And this studio is one of the strongest studios with



This studio recently joined Sony and this is one of the most important deals in this generation and one of its most important works. Spider-Man released in 2018 Spider-Man were the best-selling games in 2018. This article is a new part of Spider-Man and Spider-Man is the main reason why Sony took over the studio. And this studio has great experiences and a large number of employees and nearly 300 employees

Naughty Dog


And the third most important studio owned by Sony and Hua Naughty Dog, famous for the Uncharted series and the main developers of the crash and Spyro series and the game The Last of Us, their current project is the second part of the game The Last of Us, which will be released in May of this year. It is not clear their upcoming project The latest leaks indicate that the first person perspective adventure game. This studio has the same problem as the first studio, slow hua. We do not know the number of the studio employees, but I expect between 250 to 300 employees

These were the three most powerful studios owned by Sony and now the role of least known or less powerful than the three I mentioned and start with



The name of the studio shined after the announcement of the game Ghost of Tsushima, which aroused the interest of many, but this studio does not receive much attention from Sony compared to the previous studios that I mentioned. The studio has more than 200 employees. The future of the studio is unclear. Ghost of Tsushima will be released this summer and then what will he possibly do, a whole new game or if Ghost of Tsushima succeeds, they will release another part. I don’t know.

Media Molecule


This studio is the title of Sony’s creativity, with their great games such as Little Big Planet and their last game, which is Dreams, which is a game engine. This is the only studio that has been slow and has an advantage and is not a defect, so all they are late brought us a more creative game.



This studio is the developer of the technically and graphically powerful DECIMA engine. The guide is Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. Of course, Death Stranding is not developed by them, but from the same engine, the studio owns more than 250 employees according to the latest leaks. Their next project is Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

bend studio


They are one of the smallest studios at Sony, the studio expanded after they finished half of the development of the Days Gone game, they numbered about 50 to 60 employees, then increased to 150 employees from the year 2007. They issued games to PSP devices, then returned in 2019 with Days Gone, although the game has many and Many technical problems, but it succeeded commercially, their next project, I expect it is Days Gone 2, as I witnessed at the end of the game.

These were Sony's most important and important studios for me


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Sucker Punch looks really promising. I want to hear more of them! Ghost of Tsushima got a release date. Too bad I don't have a PS4. It looks like an astonishing game.

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