How to try the Playstation 5 now

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In this article, I'm going to make a PC compilation that is close to the power of the PlayStation 5 that was announced some time ago.

Everyone knows that it is difficult to make a group with the same specifications and be with power transfer and the reason is now that the PC is open source and the console is closed and it was grouped with some and they make games that exploit these capabilities and with some of the software we see details in games we did not see even in the PC

As I mentioned earlier, the personal computer remains a different system, but we always want to provide a comparison to it with home gaming devices, especially that in recent generations we have witnessed the lack of a gap between it and these devices, which have become somewhat comparable to the power of the computer, but they still have the dominance in terms of controlling games on them. Being designed for games only, the developers know what is in them and will not change whatever happens unlike the PC whose performance is affected by continuous changes that the user can control, such as adding new or reduced RAM or changing the graphics card or processor, and all this makes PC games mostly not exploited. The real strength of the device, whatever it is His strength. I will never mention the specifications of the Playstation 5 first

Final PS5 features:


Now let's start building the first PC with the same power as the PS5, according to the characteristics revealed by Sony

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor


The Ryzen 7 3700X processor comes with eight cores, and it is the best and closest option. The processor in the PlayStation 5 and the processor works at a frequency of 3.6Hz This processor is the most appropriate in terms of price, and I see that it is the closest processor in the Playstation 5

Price 290$

AMD Radeon RX 5700


The current graphics processing unit RX 5700 from AMD is the closest thing available in the market as it contains the same number of processing units CUs but RAM memory is somewhat less as it reaches 14 GB and also it must be noted that it works on the old RDNA structure and not RDNA 2 with higher speed Available on the PS5.

Price 300$

Corsair MP600 m.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD with 1TB capacity


The most important thing in the PS5 is the SSD and it comes at a speed of 5.5G / s, so I chose the corsair MP600 m.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD and it works at a frequency of 5G / s but its price is high and the reason is because this frequency strength was discovered a short time ago

Price 230$

4K UHD Blu Ray from Pioneer


The PS5 will contain a Blu Ray 4k reader, and I see that the Pioneer CD player is the best in terms of its price and specifications close to the PlayStation 5.

Prise 140$

These are the things that cost the most expensive. Yes, there are other things such as the box, connectors, and sound card, which were confirmed in the last period, that they will be found in the PS5, and there is also a cooling system, either by the fan or by water.

the total cost:

The total amount of basic materials 960$
And other pieces +250$ = 1200$


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