PlayStation 5: When Can Sony Deliver A True Generational Leap?

in #gaming2 years ago

Hi Steemit,

We've seen some reports suggesting a PlayStation 5 due this year! It's not going to happen, but realistically just when can we see the 6x to 8x leap in power that typically defines a new console generation? And when will Microsoft follow suit?

This video is from Digital foundry. I won't dump it on Dtube but direct you to its channel instead.
If you are interested in the PS5 (As I am), then its worth a look.



How much of a leap was a P4 from a P3? I am a big gamer and was mostly into Nintendo and the leap from the SNES to the N64, as in the leap from 2D to 3D, probably felt like the biggest leap visually or emotionally or at least it felt that way at that time and the only thing that might top it would be a Jump from 3D to 4D if that is even possible which some say you can when I was in Vietnam or maybe just a Jump to virtual reality or a Pokémon Go augmented reality thing which I guess we already have meaning each leap now is mostly focused on graphics and space and speed which we may not always appreciate or see as the games slowly improve each year at a maybe too slow speed especially from system to system.

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