Players are Making Music in Overwatch’s New Paris Map

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Blizzard has released the next Overwatch assault map on the Public Test Region (PTR) with players set to battle it out in the famed City of Lights: Paris. But this time around, some players are using their weapons for more musical purposes.

Overwatch's maps are known to contain some great little details and most of the time they are smashed to pieces, but this new assault map has included fully-functioning pianos - allowing some players to finally put those childhood piano lessons to good use.

In just over a day, the Overwatch subreddit has flooded itself with musical masterpieces and memes, spanning from Chopin's 'Fantaisie Impromptu' to Toto's 'Africa'.

We also have Soldier 76 busting out an 80s classic and expect someone getting rick-rolled.

To add to the musical atmosphere, Blizzard has also included cabaret singer 'Luna' to serenade players at Cabaret Luna. Be aware though, she doesn't appreciate being butted with a weapon.

Parisian Posters lining the Paris Map

(Image credit: Blizzard)

The map's streets are described as "narrow" and the area is filled with distinct Parisian touches including a Pâtisserie, restaurants, and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is the first Assault-style map to be released since Horizon Lunar Colony in 2017 and from what usually happens, we probably won't see this map on live servers for a least few weeks.

To get more information on this new map and the latest patch changes, head over to

Have you jumped on the PTR and explored Paris for yourself? What did you think? Are there any songs you want to see played on the new pianos?

Elyse Brown @gamersclassified


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