Numskull Enters the Physical Game Publishing Market

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Numskull Designs, most known for their retro merchandise, announced today that they would be publishing digital and most excitingly, physical games to every current platform called Numskull Games. Ryan Brown, PR at Numskull Designs, announced on Twitter today that Numskull Games have also teamed up with Rising Star Games' founder Martin Defries, who you might know from Harvest Moon or No More Heroes fame. Martin Defries will be leading the Numskull Games team in hopes to bring the best games, indie and otherwise, to the market.

Source: Numskull Designs

You've likely come into contact with Numskull Designs before without even knowing. Numskull are the ones behind all of the amazing keychains, PS1 Coasters and other nerdy clothing and merch you see occasionally in a game shop. Numskull also recently came out with a Quarter Arcade line with Pac-Man being their first release (it can be found very rarely in store, but if you ask at your local shop they may be able to source one for you.) I'm sure once you've seen, or better owned a Numskull product, you'll be as hooked as I am collecting them. No games have been announced for production as of right now, but as this is such a new development, news is sure to come soon.

Source: Numskull Designs

I've been reassured by Numskull Games that Australia will be receiving physical games through major stores like EB Games and JB HiFi and there is a strong chance that, since Numskull already make merchandise for games, we'll have the potential to get some amazing extras in the occasional package every now and then as well. Numskull have worked with companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel, Activision, SEGA, Sony, Microsoft and Bethesda and worked on merchandise for Harry Potter, Fallout, Adventure Time, Spyro, Crash, Resident Evil and many, many more amazing I.P.'s. The fact they have such a colourful pallet gives me very high hopes that their ventures will go without any problems, bringing us quality titles both physically and digitally. If you would like to follow their progress, or even submit a game of your own, you can do so on the Numskull Games Website. If you would like to check out what Numskull Designs has to offer for merch, (and I highly suggest you do!) you can do so on their Official Website, right here. A big thank you to Ryan Brown for the extra information and all his help.

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