The Division 2: Open Beta Starts Today!

in gaming •  4 months ago 


In what seems to be a constant flow of new games since late last year, Ubisoft’s latest game The Division 2 will have an open Beta starting today! In my case, I have yet to really be able to immerse myself in so many other games as of late that I am not sure how much time I will get to try this one out. Given the amount of games currently playable that are consuming my time, I have not preordered it which also left me out of the Alpha test a couple of weeks ago. However, I will make the effort to at least download the Beta and given it a try as it will surely bring back some nostalgia of what almost was the game that broke me away from Destiny! The predecessor was one of the few games that migrated a lot of the friends over to play as a team in the open world. However, it quickly became too redundant and the lack of PvP activity had us look elsewhere for better multiplayer experiences.

While I know that they worked hard to improve the game, they never really attracted many of us back to the game even after the DLCs came into the gameplay. It was funny that I had bought the premium pass for DLC an only got to play the first two as I grew frustrated of not only the content but also the fact that it dropped first for Xbox! This was what ultimately lead my friends to not comeback and trying to pair up with matchmaking was also a material weakness of the game that made me not come back either. I do recall the developer team being very active with the community to get feedback and adjust to make adjustments but it did not go very well for the longer term. But I think that there is the potential that they took these components into consideration in this new game. This is why I am willing to give it a try despite all the competition currently in the industry.

They are making a large effort to bring players to the game as the Beta seems much broader than the Beta when they released the first game. From a PvE side, the Beta will include 3 main missions and 5 side missions. In addition, players will be able to explore the open world setting that takes place in Washington DC whereas the prior game was based in New York City. The open world will have some activities to explore in the Beta as well. They are also introducing specializations into the game which will allow you to select a specific build for the character. In the first game, it was set to have the option to do so with the gear received during missions although this was an add in after the initial launch. I think this is a more purposeful intent to make it a part of the game. On the PvP side, they will bring back the Dark Zone which will be interesting given all the iterations of changes made in the first game. I wonder which events and activities will return and which will not. They are also adding a new 4v4 player mode called skirmish which seems to be more multiplayer like.

I have not really seen many of the gameplay nor the previews so this will be a blind experience when I try this weekend so it will be interesting to try out. I am sure that they will have some surprises in store for players as they look for a way to attract them back into the franchise. Let’s see if I can convince some of the online friends to try something different this weekend as more and more are becoming more divided as to which game deserves more attention to play these days.


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