Steem Monsters: No Match for Gold Division?

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I was having an excellent run this season as my new cards that had been powered up were doing well even against the bots with the Life Splinter as I was ready to battle them with my new teams. I had been feeling that the progress was doing very well in order to have a chance to get farther than any previous season. I even thought I had a chance to pair up and get into the Diamond Division for the first time. Everything started consistent with previous days as I opened the site to look at my latest Daily Quest to get started on it. It was a Fire Splinter Quest so I was quite confident I could get it done as part of my upgrades included some of these cards and their Summoner. I even made a trade to get a missing Epic card from the Splinter to help round out the team. But I quickly learned that it was not enough to go up against some of the players already in Gold Division.

It surprised me as I was in the Gold Division for a number of days leading up to this day and while the win ratio was lower, I never had a very long losing streak that I was experiencing at this time. It took over an hour and a couple dozen battles to finally get the Daily Quest done! I realized where this was trending quickly and it seems that the only reason why I was able to get it completed was the fact that in the process I dropped back into the Silver Division. I was so frustrated at the time that I didn’t even notice that I needed 1 more rank point to finish the Daily Quest in Gold Division! Those extra cards could have come in handy for the rest of this season. I was just happy to be done for the night!

This experience has made me think about where I go with the game looking towards the future. I do not have a lot of resources on my account to buy packs to hope I get what I need for my collection nor do I have enough to really buy them directly on the market to make an impact as many cards I have are now between levels 3 and 4 which require over 20 cards for level 5 if I am not mistaken. I have been hearing that cards delegation may be a thing which would be interesting to consider as it allows me to try a need addition to the collection before actually buying. While I do not know the costs, it should be less than an out right purchase. I will be seeing someone soon that can probably offer me some help as in the past but still not sure given the amount of help my account needs and whether it is worth it at this point. For the time being, I guess being in Gold Division is a privilege!


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