The CliffHanger Edward Randy - Arcade Zone #7 - Retro Review

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There is a wide variety of Arcades games which have very original content and playability, but some of them are forgotten over time and not precisely because they are bad or visually horrible, this happens to other games of the same genre or that had a great publicity overshadow the great majority being in the deepest oblivion without being remembered, in this case I will bring one of those Arcades that is considered a hidden gem, in my case I described it a long time ago thanks to the greatness of the emulators, I could never see this game in its Arcade cabinet format, I would have liked to experience this fabulous game in the years, apart from that it reminded me a lot (and I think it made a great reference) to Indiana Jones both for his character and his gameplay , I present to you the great "The CliffHanger Edward Randy".







The CliffHanger Edward Randy A game of the action genre whose story is very simple, we simply have to eliminate an army that tries to build a weapon of mass destruction, as they are the first levels of can determine that it is somewhere in Europe, The game contains excellent scenes of approaching objects and dynamics between them, with just watching it a few seconds in its demo mode it quickly catches our attention.


The pixel art is one of the best I've seen in a little known game, the sprites of absolutely everything that is on the screen is really fabulous, our main character, the soldiers, planes, jeeps of war have excellent movements with quite fluidity , one of the things that reminded me quite a certain Konami game "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV" is that sometimes we will throw the soldiers to the screen causing a zoom effect that would seem to come out of it.


The levels are quite dynamic, at no time we will remain quiet, the mapping itself is simple, since everything is practically on one screen, for example, the first level we will see mounted on a boat, when we see another we must jump towards her trying not to fall into the water while we eliminate our enemies, in moments all the boats are destroyed, that's when we have to be alert and hang on an airplane, very didactic at all times, plays perfectly with the skill of the player.


Our weapons will be our fists, kicks and the great whip (hence the reference to Indiana Jones) with him we can eliminate the soldiers at a great distance, balance between platforms, airplanes among others and combine that balance to lash out with a kick to our enemies, on one occasion (second level) we have the opportunity to drive a jeep of war, one of my favorite levels, here we have the peculiarity of being able to use the jeep to push other vehicles or cover the shots of the soldiers, which have been Given that they appear in high numbers on the screen at all their levels, it really looks like we were in an action movie.


As expected in this type of games we will find a boss in each of its stages, as we go forward it will become quite difficult to eliminate them, the one that really impressed me with how I hold lashes was the final boss, who in mechanics is easy eliminate him but his resistance is so high and sometimes his attacks are quick that we will lose many times against him, it will always be indispensable in all confrontations to see well in which areas we can slash with the whip to be able to dodge the attacks.



It is not a game that stands out in its musical aspect, sometimes the melodies do not make much reference to the genre that belongs, however we have a very attractive sound, in each of its scenarios it is absolutely essential to hear the soldiers dying, the airplanes, thunder among many other things, if they had made good music it would have been perfectly complemented with their special sounds.

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The CliffHanger Edward Randy is an excellent game that if you are a lover of Arcade games you should try it, at all times it is full of action in its levels, it is fun and very easy to learn with respect to its gameplay, thanks to the magic of the emulators we can relive these hidden gems, their enemies, bosses and levels will offer you a long time in front of the game, apart if we have a partner or family member they can join forces in their cooperative mode, from time to time I dedicate their minutes as it is worth it for being an excellent piece.

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