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What about games, you ask. Well, you can get some cool cheap-ass games for the extra Steem sitting in your account.

I recently stumbled upon @ahmadmanga, a Steem user, who sells his left-over, mostly Steam games, for mere cents. Take a look at his recent post for example.

Well, I checked his list quickly and found a few games, that had been sitting on my Steam wishlist for ages. So we stroke a deal on Discord - STEEM for him, games for me, both parties satisfied. He passed me the Steam Activation codes and now I am 6 games richer.

Probably I should check his lists again, to see if there's anything else cool, but to be honest, I have over 100 games waiting for me to play them.... so here's your chance. Hit @ahmadmanga up and grab some cool cheap-ass games.

But checking @ahmadmanga's post reveals something else that's awesome.

There's a website,, that sells game for Steem or SBD!

I mean, you too can sell your extra Steam games for a couple of extra bucks on the platform. Check it out! Oh, and while you're at it, check their Steem profile too:

Yeah yeah, I use Steempeak now and then :)

There's more! How can there be more, you ask?

There's this SteemGG platform, where you can upload your own games and get paid as hundreds (perhaps millions?) Steem users play and upvote your game.

I dont use profanity in my posts often, but hei! So much cool shit is being built on Steem, it's crazy and I have a hard time keeping track of it.

So why don't you give @steemgg a visit too:

Ok, that should be enough exploring for you guys for a while. Good luck!

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Holy mackarel! Blockchain truely is the future!

100 games waiting for play?! Winter activity? :D


All year long actvity :)

Thanks for mentioning me in this post, and wow!! there are many of gaming platfroms and steam I knew they existed but I can think that the vasr majority don't bu now.

@dgameshop is working but uts creator says not finished yet, that's why I don't promote it very much. And @steemGG need the open source community to make it look/play better.

But just imagine the future

By the way I have a dedicated account to resteem my shop related posts now: @ahmadgameslist.