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Day 7. We took that nasty hairy spider down! Glowing arachnid guts were everywhere.

Ted still hasn't returned. We hope he is still alive or hasn't been captured by wasteland bandits. We need those supplies....um...we need Ted...


No rations today. We need to conserve and we need to not get tired of the taste of these canned soups too quickly.


Hmm? A huge mushroom is growing on this wall. Eating it will probably be ok. It has to taste better than these soups. We may not know how to identify mushrooms but it's probably not a risk...right? This is probably a new post-apocalyptic mushroom species anyways.


60 Seconds! ReAtomized is a fun survival stragedy game from Robot Gentleman. Grab all you can within the 60 seconds, including you spouse and two kids, and survive until you get rescued or die.

Available on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1012880/60_Seconds_Reatomized/

There is a great selection of affordable survival video games available on Amazon as well. I like to browse for the games I want and add them to a shopping list. Amazon will then send my app alerts when they go on sale. https://amzn.to/3jtPUYj

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