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Hello again Steemians, it's that time of day again where we bring you our Top 5 favourites for a given subject. For today's blog we're going to cover our favourite 5 PvP maps, we've tried to stick to one map per game developer so that we can keep the blog interesting and wide ranging. We hope you enjoy the read and let us know in the comments what your favourite PvP maps are.

Here we go!

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Lets kick things off with Infinity Ward's tiny box map Rust, the place where every pissed off player settled their disputes with people they met online. All that had to be said was 'Rust 1v1, quick-scope, no-scope'. Personally, I was never one of these people and I hated their guts - not at all because I could barely snipe, if you have to ask. Remember how jumping from the top of the map to 360 no-scope someone with your Intervention always meant you were the dog's bollocks? Thank god those days have finally passed.


Though if you were playing this map in a NORMAL game type, it was actually very exciting and intense. So many players would be crammed into a small space meaning you were never too far away from some action, you just had to pray you weren't on the losing side because people memorised those spawning locations. It was a great place to test your survival skills and if you ever managed to legitimately get the Tactical Nuke Kill-streak on this map, congratulations to you.
We can't remember if they eventually removed this map from multiplayer lobbies, can any of you shed some light on this?

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Now DICE did a really fine job with creating this map, so good infact that it made several returns in their later games. Though we never actually played Wake Island on Battlefield 1942, we did play it on Battlefield 3 where it was just as fun and diverse but we thought it'd be better to credit the map's original debut game for this post.

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Wake Island offered a multitude of different play styles that would tailor to everyone playing whether it be ground assault, aerial battles or even naval battles, the map had it all. The map consisted of 5 control points initially owned by the American side with the Axis side having the objective to capture them all. With the island being thin in width, it always meant that there'd be a bloody stand off between the two sides as one would try to push into the enemy territory and capture a base. The fact you were never confined to just one type of fighting style always made Battlefield games the great fun they are. Being able to turn away from the war of attrition on the ground to jump in a plane and take a completely different approach to achieve your objective, whether it be dropping into enemy territory or simply thinning the enemy ground forces. It was amazing.


Number 3 on the list brings us to Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege. Now first of all, let me say well done to Ubisoft for keeping a 2015 game so fresh even up to now with their active updates and free multiplayer additions referred to as 'Operations'. They really have outdone themselves with this game, even we still enjoy coming back to it every now and then to play a few games. The community is always active and they never shy away from messaging you in between games to either praise you or call you shit. Well you can't win them all.


We had a hard job choosing our favourite Rainbow map but in the end, we believed Kafe Dostoyevsky deserved the spot because of balance to all the defending positions within the house. Whether it be in the Kitchen, the Train Room (everyone's favourite) or even the Cigar lounge. All positions offered their own array of advantages and disadvantages without one being too difficult on the attackers- so long as the team was competent. We just felt this map was one of the more balanced out there as well as it being one of the most fun to play... unlike Tower! Piece of shit map.

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'Is this Nuketown?' The popular words uttered in game chat whenever the Nuclear Test Neighbourhood came up in the Lobby. Though it is another Call of Duty map on our list, Black ops was developed by Treyarch and not Activision so that's our way around it, deal with it. Nuketown was one of (if not, THE) favourite maps from the Black Ops series, so much so that it has been featured in its 2 predecessors; Black Ops 2 & 3 but with differing aesthetics. Maybe it will even return for a fourth time with Black Ops 4 not far around the corner.
Though the map never changed, BO3's different play-style made this map a bit of a pain but we're here for the original, not that version.
Oh yeah, the map even saw a zombies variation in Black Ops 2 which was one hell of a clutch from what we remember due to the restricted space. Tough'en.


This is another good example of a map that tested your skills due to its small size. Only the really skilled / lifeless of players were able to come out of a Nuketown game with no deaths and most kills. It was just too difficult to stay alive for too long here, you'll have killed one player but then his buddy will be around the corner to finish you off. This is why we loved the map though, it always kept you on your toes with it's close quarter combat and consistent gunfights. Everyone would always feel involved on this map which is always good too, even the worst of players would manage to get kills... like myself.

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Finally, we come to our number 1 spot - Bungie's Blood Gulch. You probably guessed it beforehand due to our Thumbnail but we can't help but express the greatness of this map. It really takes me back to my youth, like really far back, pre-teens far. Yeah.
Split screen on the smaller TV screens of late with my brother a friends used to be so much fun that this map just HAD to be number 1. (Welsh Shepherd speaking). It was probably even the first proper FPS I even played and now here I am doing a blog on it. Funny old world. As for the actual Blood Gulch, it was always the map we played and as it turns out, it was also one of Halo's most popular maps worldwide; making its way into later Halo installations like Halo 2 and Reach.

Blood Gulch.jpg

Blood Gulch was one of the first FPS maps to incorporate the mix of different play-styles into one match whether it be close quarter combat at the map's edges and bases, long range sniping from base to base or vehicular action spanning the entire map with Warthogs, Ghosts and Scorpions. This unique map of the time even paved the way for future game developers who were looking to make awesome and memorable PvP maps like this one.
Blood Gulch really is one of the greatest maps of gaming history and it will be remembered by us until the day we die. We just hope it doesn't become forgotten by everyone else. #RememberBloodGulch

That concludes today's Top Five blog, we hoped you enjoyed the read and if you did, feel free to up-vote the blog as we will cherish every up-vote we receive. Subscribe if you don't want to miss our future Blogs that are released daily. Let us know in the comments what your thought are on our top five maps and if you think we're missing a quality from the list. See you in the comment section or on the next blog!

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So many great memories in Blood Gulch... Thanks for making me relive the PTSD! Also nice to see Nuketown, but no pyramid level form Goldeneye?!?! Lol, great listicle, looking forward to more.


Just looked up that pyramid level and damn that is one old game haha. I'd love to try it though. I remember playing an old James Bond game on PS2 but cant remember the name of it for the life of me. I could never forget the OP golden gun though.



Good Stuff!