WoW Legion PvP Gameplay - Demon hunter OWNING in Twin Peaks!

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Hello fellow Steemians and gamers,

Hope you will enjoy this short video showcasing World of Warcraft PvP on a Demon Hunter, displaying the mobility and very high DPS potential in PvP.

Twin Peaks is a standard capture the flag battleground, where the first team to capture 3 flags wins the match. The scenery and music are wonderful, and this is one of our favorite battlegrounds.


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Man, you can't not love DH! Such a fun class!

Resteemed, for the nice gameplay!


Thanks! Indeed, the mobility makes me love this class. And the flying ability is so fun.

very nice steam mdear @estream.studios

cool, i really like to use this character


I kinda miss WoW. I had to cut it cold turkey. I was becoming a lazy ass and I blew up to 400 lbs. Now I’m 250 lbs and married.


Congrats! Yeah, finding that balance in life is not always easy. Some breaks from tech and gaming habits are always a good thing.

Yes i like good

Love my 13yo Tauren Hunter

good !!

Nice game

Very nice post! I give you a Upvote!

Nothing to say...!!

Man you just brought back some awesome memories from back in the day... Gotta love WoW and the DH, so versatile and fun to play! By far the one I had most fun with.

Nice gameplay btw, /shared!


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I've not played WoW is a few years. I was always impressed with the love of thought that went into to the game. It has a lot of depth, which reminds me a lot of EQ and EQII. I've considered returning, but I've not quite made it there yet.

Cool! I play wow a little but i'm more into dota2. But still the clashing and gameplay in wow is incredible. Hope I will be able to play again. Currently focusing on my studies :') Cheers!

Very nice post.

Choosing a niche is hard, what is harder is sticking to it. Your a game lord! Keep it up.

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