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RE: Interesting People #24: Brian Fargo and Scott Bennie on Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary

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Hey @badastroza I noticed you have not blogged in a while. Life been very busy? I hope everything is well. Have a great weekend!


Hi @enjar - yes, things have been very very busy. After one of my interviews (this one here) I got hired by the Hash Rush team, and since the project has recently gone into ICO I've not been able to dedicate myself to Steemit over the last few weeks. You can read more about my role on the project in an interview the Hash Rush PR manager did with me.

So you know, I have 5 interviews I conducted right before I joined the team, which I still need to type out and post here - I will definitely get round to that once time allows. I'm still actively reading, voting and commenting on Steemit, though. :)

Thanks for checking in. Appreciate it!

Congratulations on the job!

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